Hot Miami Mamas in Designer Swimwear

Miami is one of the hottest beach and party spots in the United States.  It just so happens that the Miami Swim Show is being held right now in Miami!  The swimshow is the biggest platform where swimsuits are showcased.   The suits come from leading designers in the US and around the world. Lady Lux Swimwear is there right now showing off the new and completely fabulous 2015 collection!  We will spotlight Miami today by showing you some of our favorite Miami mamas in designer swimwear.


Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Hot Miami Mamas in Designer Swimwear

Our number one Miami mama these days is rising rap star Iggy Azalea.  She moved to Miami when she was at the young age of 18 from Australia and has resided there and made a name for herself.  She is a total hottie who used to be a model in Miami before her rapping career took off when T.I. declared her his project.  She loves to rock turquoise and we think our Sugar Rush luxury swimwear bikini would be perfect for her.  The bikini is sassy and bright just like Iggy and would give anyone a fun edge.


Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Iggy Azalea in Sugar Rush Bikini

Another super hot Miami gal is member of the ever so famous Pussycat Dolls, Jessica Sutta. Jessica is a singer, dancer, songwriter, and most importantly sexy red head!  She is an amazing dancer and always looked fly while shaking it on stage with the Pussycat Dolls.  We think our Red Hot bikini would look stunning on her.  The bold red suit would look perfect with her gorgeous red locks.  The bikini has beautiful rhinestone detailing that give the suit an extra sparkle.


Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Jessica Sutta in Red Hot Bikini

Lastly, is the young yet beautiful Camila Cabello.  Camila is part of the all girls pop group Fifth Harmony that became famous after their appearance to the world on the show X-Factor.  They were an immediate fan favorite because of the five gorgeous and sincere girls.  Camila is a favorite Miami mama because she is fun loving, stunning, and super talented.  We love seeing Camila in white and think that our Rich Girl bikini would look amazing on her as well!  The gold details along with the clean white color give the suit a glow and would make anyone light up!

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Camila Caballo in Rich Girl Bikini

Get Sun Kissed Skin in Luxury Swimwear

Designer Swimwear Tan cover

Sun Kissed Skin in Luxury Swimwear

Have you been laying out in the sun all summer long to get that perfect shade of bronze? Especially now in the middle of July are you wondering how to keep your skin glowing even when the sun goes MIA? Well no need to worry ladies, we have some tricks that will keep your sexy summer skin looking tan in some luxury swimwear. Everybody knows that when you dedicate the day to bake in the sun your going to want to wear a bikini that won’t give you tan lines for everybody to see. So we have picked out our three hottest bandeaus for you that are the perfect tanning necessities.


Designer Swimwear Hot Stuff Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens in Hot Stuff Bandeau Bikini

Our first designer swimwear that we love for a day at the beach in some Maui Babe lotion is the Hot Stuff bikini. This bandeau top with matching bottoms is the perfect bikini to have to work on that tan. The Hot Stuff bandeau will not give you any tan lines, letting you show off those sexy shoulders in your fave summer time dress.  Not to mention that the Hot Stuff bikini comes in a brilliant magenta color that will make your skin looking extra golden. Vanessa Hudgens showed off her beautiful bronze shoulders in a magenta strapless dress. She was looking like hot stuff just like out Hot Stuff bikini.

Designer Swimwear Paris Valentine Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria in Paris Valentine Bandeau Bikini


Our next bandeau bathing suit that is a must to have your skin sun kissed in without any pest tan lines that show is the Paris Valentine bandeau bikini. This stunning bandeau has a sexy snakeskin print with a turquoise gem center. This blue snakeskin bandeau is a girl’s best friend when trying to get her golden tan. Eva Longoria would agree because she loves this print! She has been caught wearing this look for some fun in Los Angeles. We also could not help to notice her glowing skin when she shows off her sun kissed shoulders with no tan lines in sight.

Designer Swimwear Gold Digger Megan Fox

Megan Fox in Gold Digger Bandeau Bikini


Our last bandeau that you will want for a week long vacay working on that tan is the Gold Digger bandeau bikini. This all black bikini with gold rhinestone center is ultra sexy. Tanning in this bandeau will have you looking like a bombshell. This bikini definitely shows some skin, giving you the perfect tan. We know that the Gold Digger bandeau is one sexy look because Megan Fox wore a similar look on the red carpet with a black strapless with gold rhinestone embellishments. Megan Fox would definitely wear this sexy bandeau when she is getting her bronze on at the beach.

Trend Report: Tribal in Designer Swimwear

Listen up everyone, tribal is officially the new thing!  Tribal patterns are blowing up right now because of super stylish celebrities like Ke$ha are wearing them all the time.  If you want to look as trendy as possible you need to be in tribal designer swimwear!  The new Lady Lux Swimwear 2015 collection has tons of different tribal options that you will die for!  In fact, they are being revealed right now at the Miami Swim Show! We will look at Ke$ha’s chic style to show you how to do tribal right!

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Trend Report: Tribal in Designer Swimwear


Ke$ha is always rocking sexy earth tones on and off stage.  She looks incredible in these neutral colors paired with glitter and jewelry.  The best way to do tribal is with some animal influences.  We think that Ke$ha would look incredible in our Desert Rose luxury swimwear bikini.  The pattern is tribal with an animal twist that gives it the ultimate trendy look.  It also has gold and bead details that make the suit glamorous and fun.


Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Ke$ha in Desert Rose Bikini

Another great look is a tribal take on snakeskin!  Ke$ha loves to rock fun details that include snakeskin along with other cool prints.  She takes fashion to the next level by mixing stuff that is in and always makes sure to add touches of her own!  Our Palm Springs Primmed monokini is the perfect snakeskin tribal look.  The suit is super stylish and fabulous while also sliming and adventurous!  The belt at the waist look amazing on just about everyone and the print is on point for up to date swimwear fashion.


Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Ke$ha in Palm Springs Primmed Monokini

Lastly, is the simpler look of white with a tribal twist.  Ke$ha can be seen in this cool combination almost all the time.  The look is simple, pair off white with browns and tribal accents for the perfect lux tribal style.  It is not too loud as opposed to snakeskin and animal print; rather it is a more relaxed look that is still fashion forward.  We love our Call Me Maybe bikini because it is the perfect way to do lux tribal.  The off white color with brown neck and hip ties are an easy start to an excellent tribal outfit.

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Ke$ha in Call Me Maybe Bikini

Beyoncé is Rocking & Rolling in Luxury Swimwear

Designer Swimwear Beyonce Cover

Beyoncé in Luxury Swimwear

We wanted to start the weekend off right with it-girl Beyoncé. She is getting her very own Rock and Roll Hall of Fame exhibit. This a well deserved honor for this rock star. She technically is not eligible to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame until 2022. But the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame just can’t wait to have this talented singer, that they are dedicating an exhibit to Beyoncé. The exhibit will show case iconic moments of her rocking out on stage.  With this exciting news, we decided to pick our fave Beyoncé moments and paired it with rocking luxury swimwear.


Designer Swimwear Red Hot Beyonce

Beyoncé in Red Hot Bikini (white)

The first Beyoncé moment that we think is Rock and Roll Hall of Fame worthy is her concert ensemble of a beautiful yet sexy white romper. This all white look that shows some skin is a perfect match for the Red Hot bikini in white. This white bikini with rhinestone embellishments is one rock star look that will have the lime light on you at any pool party or for a day at the beach.


Designer Swimwear Red Hot Red Beyonce

Beyoncé in Red Hot Bikini (red)

The next Beyoncé moment that we love is also red hot. In Beyoncé’s tour she rocked a very sexy red gown with a deep plunge that doesn’t leave much for imagination. This look is too hot not to be shown in Rock and Roll Hall of fame. So for this fierce look we gave it the Red Hot bikini in red. This is one sexy bold look that will bring out your inner rock star.


Designer Swimwear Gold Digger Beyonce

Beyoncé in Gold Digger Monokini

We saved the best for last. This Beyoncé look is so famous that you probably guessed it. Yes its for all you single ladies out there we have her outfit from her music video. Beyoncé’s sexy black leotard has us thinking about the Gold Digger monokini. This monokini is a perfect poolside look to rock Beyoncé style. This is one ultra sexy look that will have the boys running to put a ring on it!

ESPYS Red Carpet Stars in Luxury Swimwear

Designer Swimwear ESPY cover

Stars in Luxury Swimwear

Congrats to all the very athletic (and very hot) athletes who won awards at the ESPYS. However, this award ceremony did not just attract sport stars from the fields, but also stars from the big screen. Drake was the most gracious host for the night’s award ceremony.  Everyone brought their A-game for this red carpet at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. That’s why today at Lady Lux we have awarded the hottest red carper looks with luxury swimwear. Our top three MVP were Lolo Jones, Maria Sharapova, and Erin Andrews.

Designer Swimwear Red Hot Lolo Jones

Lolo Jones in Red Hot Bikini

Our first red carpet look we love is from the talented Lolo Jones. This Olympic star from track and field traded her spandex and running shoes for a more sexy look. She wore a red two piece ensemble that most definitely showed off her hot bod. She paired her red crop top and side slit skirt with a gold chunky necklace. This look was so red hot that we just had to award this look with some designer swimwear. This sexy look was a shoe in for the Red Hot bikini in red. The Red Hot bikini is a perfect pair for this red carpet look. Lolo Jones would for sure rock the Red Hot bikini in red for a pool after party.

Designer Swimwear Tainted Love Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova in Tainted Love Bikini

The next look that we adore was worn from the always beautiful Maria Sharapova. She decided to ditch her tennis racket for some heels and a clutch. She let her down loose in lovely relaxed curls with an all black stylish dress with lace sleeves. This ultra sexy look was a fan favorite that we awarded with the black Tainted Love bikini. Maria would love to show off her hot tennis bod in the Tainted Love bikini at a day on the beach and off the court.

Designer Swimwear Rich Girl Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews in Rich Girl Bikini

The last ESPY red carpet look that caught our eye and has us still obsessed came from the outfit of hottie Fox sportscaster Erin Andrews. She showed up at the ESPYS with an all white dress with a matching clutch and not to mention cutie boyfriend LA Kings Hockey player Jarret Stoll. This foxy sports reporter was such a beautiful sight in all white that we awarded the Rich Girl bikini in white. This glam white bikini is just a vision and a must have for any beach babe. Maybe if Jarret Stoll keeps seeing bombshell gf Erin in all white he will just have to pop the big question.

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