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Stay healthy and happy this summer Lux Luvs!


The start of June is only a few days away, and we all know what that means…hot weather! And what is the ultimate cure for hot weather? Hot swimsuits! Since it’s the start of summer, you will probably find the majority of your time is spent lounging by the pool, so you will need an assortment of luxury swimwear to spice up your summer. Since your days will be spent in minimal clothing, you want to make sure you are staying fit! We have picked some of our favorite exercises and health tips that will help you look your best!


Lady Lux Desginer Swimwear

Stay hydrated!


HELLO SUMMER! We have been waiting for your arrival for too long. It’s a busy time of the year! Concerts, BBQs, pool parties, there are too many fun things to look forward to! However, no matter how busy your life gets, it is important to stay hydrated! Drinking water and staying hydrated has been proven to help with weight loss and keep you energized! If you’re discouraged by the boring taste of water, add some lemon! Lemon water has dozens of health benefits. Not only is lemon water loaded with Vitamin C, but it cleanses your blood and liver! This is extremely helpful during the summer when you are probably consuming more alcohol than usual. So, next time you are dreading your recommended daily 9 cups of water, try something new and add some lemon!


Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Keep that muffin top trim with this 2 step move!


We are all fans of the monokini trend. One of my favorites is the Lady Lux Maneater Monokini! This suit shows a lot of your oblique or “muffin top area”. To look your best in this seductive suit, you should try this 2 step exercise! It’s called the Kneeling Side Crunch. It is recommended that you do 3 sets of 12-15 reps. This move is the perfect way to trim your middle!


Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Sumo squats are perfect for trim thighs!


For the time spent out of the water, the Donnatella Tunic is there for you! This long sleeved, V-neck tunic is the perfect summer cover-up! It’s also a great way to show off your legs! To keep those thighs in check, we recommend SUMO SQUATS! I know the name sounds scary, but the results are totally worth it! It’s just like a normal squat, but your legs are spread out. For an extra challenge, hold a dumbbell at your core! This workout works not only your inner thighs but your butt as well! It’s like a 2 for 1 special! Keep these tips in mind, and you will look hot and healthy this summer!


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