Donatella Versace Shows Off Luxury Swimwear Styles in New York Fashion Week 2014

LadyLux Designer Swimwear

Today is day six of New York Fashion Week 2014 and we are loving every minute of it! Really though, have you seen all of these chic styles made by top designers such as Coach, BCBG, and DKNY?! Along with them, we were beyond fascinated with Donatella Versace’s creative collection. Today, … Read More >

Our Top Luxury Swimwear Looks: New York Fashion Week

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Every year, the fashion industry’s top designers showcase their latest collections at New York Fashion Week. This highlighted event has been buzzing worldwide and continues to be the talk of the town! Today’s celebrity fashionistas have been spotted watching shows and supermodels have been rocking the runway in the hottest styles … Read More >

We’re Lovin’ All These Luxury Swimwear Styles in New York Fashion Week 2014!!!

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

We are halfway through our favorite week of the year, New York Fashion Week! During these past four days, we have seen so many chic styles made by top designers from all over the globe. All the outfits have been worn by beautiful, fierce models that show such grace while strutting … Read More >

Our Favorite Celebrity Beach Babes in Luxury Swimwear!

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Throughout the summer, celebrities have been soaking up the sun at the hottest vacation spots.  From family outings to fun awards shows, the sexiest women have been flaunting their beach bods in Luxury Swimwear. As the summer comes to an end, there is no doubt that our favorite celebrity beach babes … Read More >

Designer Swimwear Styles Featured in New York Fashion Week: Trend Report

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

News about New York Fashion Week 2014 is buzzing around and has swiftly made its way to the beautiful west coast of California! If you haven’t heard about New York Fashion Week already, it’s a week-long event where the trendiest designers showcase their lines on the runway to all the biggest … Read More >

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