86th Academy Awards Nominees: Luxury Swimwear Style

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                                 Academy Awards Lady Lux Swimwear Style

With the ever so amazing Academy Awards coming up in just a few weeks, there are so many great Nominees I wanted to shine a little light on with their award winning roles.  We always love seeing Amy Adams and Sandra Bullock on the big screen, so why not see what designer swimwear would be perfect for them.  With spring just around the corner we have fun sexy styles that fit both of their personalities and styles.


Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

                                           Sandra Bullock in Lady Lux Rich Girl


I am not shy to say that Sandra Bullock is one of my all time favorite actresses, with her roles in The Proposal, Miss Congeniality, While You Were Sleeping as well as many more.  Within her career she has ranked the highest paid actress.   With always being in the spotlight she has to look amazing 24/7 right?  So I thought she would look amazing in Rich Girl luxury swimwear.  Black is such a powerful color and Sandra seems to wear it so well.  It not only makes women feel more confident but you can also mix and match it with any accessory for a fun unique look.  With fun gold leather hardware it will show off her curves and amazing tan..that’s a double plus in my book!   I am excited to see if she is awarded an award but until then I can only cross my fingers and hope she wins!


Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

                                       Amy Adams in Lady Lux American Girl

It’s no wonder Amy Adams is a nominee for American Hustle, she played such a great role in that movie.  In the course of her career she has been nominated for five Academy Awards and five Golden Globes.  Amy’s career started when she was little performing in dinner theaters until she landed her role in Drop Dead Gorgeous.  Since then she has starred in Catch Me If You Can, The Fighter, Superman and Enchanted which is one of my personal favs.  I have seen Amy wear a variety of different colors but I think that Navy works great with her hair and skin tone.  She seems so down to earth and has such a bubbly personality, I thought American Girl would work just right.  Who wouldn’t love navy and white stripes with super cute gold hardware.  This bikini would be perfect when she is on vaca or just hanging out with family and friends!

Luxury Swimwear Inspiration: SAG Awards

Sexy Luxury Swimwear Inspiration: Celebrity SAG Awards

Luxury Swimwear Inspiration: SAG Awards

Wow, everyone just looked absolutely amazing on Saturday night at the SAG Awards.  We saw some gorgeous looks on the red carpet.  There were so many outstanding gowns, but we noticed a trend happening..the color blue!  We saw Amy Adams, Damien Lewis, Lupita Nyongo, and many more in the ravishing color.  The color looked great on everyone but we picked out a few who caught our eye.


Sexy Luxury Swimwear Inspiration: Celebrity SAG Awards

Amy Adams SAG Awards


Take a look at Amy Adams, she was drop dead gorgeous while walking the red carpet…she had a moment!  This blue gown fit her perfectly as it accentuated her sexy curves.  She pulled off a very polished look that will definitely win her a best dressed award.  We would describe Amy’s dress as fun and playful yet it had great abstract detail, thus why we chose the Rich Girl navy bikini for her.  With that color showing off her skin tone we think blue is her color.  The Rich Girl designer bikini has great hardware and a sexy design that she would love.  Not only is Amy a great actress but she is also a great mom to daughter Aviana.  Amy’s next stop will be at the Oscars where she is nominated for best actress.  If she wins that award, she will then be three for three with her win at the Golden Globes, and the Critics Choice Award.  We are excited for the results and to see where Amy will be going next.



Sexy Luxury Swimwear Inspiration: Celebrity SAG Awards

Lupita Nyongo SAG Awards

How amazing is this vibrant turquoise color on Lupita Nyongo, we are in love! It’s so vibrant and she looked amazing when stepping out on the red carpet.  Everyone is talking about her Gucci dress and how it will also land her a spot for best dressed at the SAG Awards.  Lupita took home an award for 12 Years a Slave.  This dress has an incredible design and the way the dress fit her was gorgeous.  Since this color works so well on Lupita, we chose Lady Lux Sugar Rush luxury swimwear for her.  Also with great detail and unique hardware, I think it would fit her perfectly.  Lupita may be a Hollywood newbie, but we can see through her role in 12 Years A Slave she will be on the rise and we are going to keep an eye on her.

The Princess Gowns at the Oscars 2013

Fashion night out at the Oscars 2013 is such a treat.  Seeing all the celebrities looking sophisticated in their outfits inspires our wardrobe colors.  Ligh and gold was where the palette was.  It’s a chance to get that insider peek into spring styles and upcoming trends.  What a glamorous night full of inspiration.  From film to the red carpet, who knew The Academy Awards would be a place to get the creative ideas for a summer designer swimwear wardrobe.

I’m starting to think about my luxury swimwear.  The summer is coming and I’m watching all the celebs arrive on the red carpet with colors and accessories.  Designer swimwear is going to be hot when I mix in my color palette with all this inspirations! The red carpet looks colorful and I can’t wait to see who ranks best dressed and worst dressed.

To begin with, I was in awe of the actresses who arrived on the red carpet looking very princess-like.  The gowns were simply gorgeous.  Jennifer Lawrence wore a blush colored Dior gown, Amy Adams wore a layered Oscar De La Renta, Amanda Seyfried wore an Armani Prive gown while Catherine Zeta Jones looked golden in a Zuhair Murad gown.  I love how charming these starlets looked in their princess inspired gowns.  Her gown is so precious and the luxury swimwear potential can be found in Truly Madly Deeply.

It’s not just about the awards at the Oscars, it’s all about the after party and celebs are looking forward to celebrating the end of the award season.  This exclusive club is reaping their rewards and we can’t wait to see them at Vanity Fair Party and the Governer’s Ball!

The color paletts chosen by Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams, Amanda Seyfried and Catherine Zeta Jones are enchanting.  These celebrities wore them well.  Their accessories were minimal so it really allowed the garment to shine.  They are definitely on our best dressed list.