Let Lady Lux Motivate the 2018 You

The New Year’s just begun and it’s not too late to make or break those resolutions of yours. Most of us make the resolution to get healthy and start working out. With all the holidays and the cold weather, it seems less important to be in shape and have that bikini body, but it’s always good to be in shape and look great. We’re here to motivate you, and remind you to stick to your resolution. We believe that the best motivation to stay in shape is a black swimsuit or a black maxi dress. Who doesn’t want to look great in some swimwear all year round, and everyone know that black is the most flattering color.

The Diamonds Monokini is the perfect motivation for you to reach you goals and look classy while doing it. This monokini is flattering, elegant, and trendy. With a plunging neckline and a gold choker, you will reach your goal and stun everyone at the pool in no time.

For any swimsuit you need a matching coverup, and the diamonds monokini has the perfect match, the Diamonds Maxi Dress! This dress is perfect as a coverup to any of your swimsuit, or for you to wear on a fancy date, Valentine’s day is just around the corner.

If you’re goal is to be bikini body ready by march, the Pillow Talk Bikini is your perfect motivation. This bikini will motivate you to get healthy, in shape, and bikini ready. You will no doubt stunn during spring break and you will have the summer bod months early.



A Happier You

The New Year always calls for resolutions and the majority of those have to do with health and fitness but those resolutions shouldn’t just revolve around your physical well being. Mental health is also extremely important and you can’t feel your best without a healthy mental outlook. So instead this year let’s try to focus on other resolutions like meeting new people, get a better night sleep, spend more time outside and watch less TV. We all know it’s easy to fall into bad habits but Lady Lux Swim is here for you and our bikinis will be sure to put a smile on your face.

Turn to our Good Vibrations Romper and feel sexy and flirty. This cute number will sure to make you smile whenever you look in the mirror and see your best self!

Try the Good Vibrations Triangle Bikini for a new look on life! This simple bikini will give you that flirty feeling while showing off your sexy curves! With a basic triangle shape this choice stands out for the fun tie dye pattern!

If you are more of a a strappy bikini kind of girl then the Good Vibrations Strappy Bikini is smiling back at ya! This fun two piece includes a strappy bottom with gold beads along with a fixed triangle top with multiple ties and a gold detail in the center.

Your resolutions will only work if you have the confidence in yourself to make those dreams a reality! Lady Lux is here to help! We are almost halfway through January so keep it up, we know you can keep to those resolutions for a happier you!


Let Lady Lux be the Fireworks to your 2018!

2018 is finally here!! So here comes the optimistic new year’s resolutions.  But this year, how about vowing to add a little color to your wardrobe. Jump into this year with some smoking hot color in your swimsuits and cover ups. Our Feather Wash collection will definitely catch your eye with its popping color.  The Beach Kimono and Tie Dye Monokini are two fantastic pieces you will surely want to bring into 2018.

The Feather Wash Kimono is the perfect cover up but also giving you an explosion of beautiful orange tie-dye color! This Kaftan is perfect for any beach or pool outing! Super compact and beautiful, this piece gives you something comfy to throw on that fits any occasion.

The Feather Wash monokini is a super sexy, super strappy one-piece that will light up the night. This monokini has a beautiful orange tie-dye wash and a plunging neckline to show off your stunning body. This monokini is spectacular for any event. The pool, beach, or spa will light up with this dazzling one-piece in the room.

The Feather Wash pants perfectly complete the fiery Feather Wash collection. These long lounge pants have a sexy bell bottom look to blow away any outfit! Perfect for lounging at the house or walking around town for your New Year’s Celebration, these pants will not disappoint.


Let Your New Swimsuit Inspire the 2018, New You

Ring ring! The New Year’s calling and it’s time for a fresh start and a new swimsuit should be on your list of things to buy to make the 2018 better than ever before! Don’t mess around this year with some new Animal Print swimwear, or be wild in the New Year and check out our Born to be Wild Bikini.

Our Viper Reversible Monokini is double the trouble with a slick snakeskin print on the outside and a neutral white on the inside. You can switch whichever pattern you heart desires and still look sexy in the New Year. The new you will be twice the fun!

The Born to be Wild collection will remind you of the summer even in the coldest part of winter. The Born to be Wild bikini is the perfect bikini for the new you in 2018, step out of your comfort zone and be wild this year. This print will make you look amazing all year, but also make you the best version of yourself in 2018. Remind yourself to always have a sunny and warm personality, and to do your best to make everyone smile!

2018 you may want to take on some class and elegance while she takes a dip in the pool or hot tub. The Donnatella Bikini really is the best bikini for you to wear all year round and bring some class wherever you go. This bikini will inspire you to be a better version of yourself and to look great while doing it!


New Year, New You

As you begin to prepare to ring in the new year, you are probably thinking of some New Years resolutions. Well ladies, Lady Lux thinks you should make 2018 YOUR year to thrive! Be the best and sexiest version of yourself this year in Lady Lux Apparel and Swimwear. Whether it’s a black romper or a cute new swimsuit, get ready to start off this year with a bang and look amazing while doing it!
One of the hottest looks we recommend for the beginning of a great year ahead is the Pillow Talk Black Romper. Whether you want to throw this on as a cover-up with a cute pair of sandals and hit the beach, or pair it with your favorite pair of booties, this is the perfect versatile piece. Everyone should own a classic black romper in their wardrobe and this one has just the right amount of sexy details to make you stand out! The ladies at Lady Lux think that this romper is a must-have as you start out a fresh year!
Another item we are totally raving over is the Goddess of Lux Maxi Dress. If you are feeling frisky this coming new year, get this amazing maxi dress in the beautiful Red color. You can rock this dress any day of the year, and it is even perfect for that special occasion, Valentine’s day, coming up in February. Ladies, make it a New Years resolution to be unique and bold in your fashion statements in 2018!
Our last, and most favorite choice for these New Year selections is the Love Struck Strappy Monokini. This year, take a risk and stray away from the beloved bikini. The monokini trend is on fire right now and this sexy black monokini is the perfect suit to get you in on the trend! The strappy details and plunging neckline add flavor to this sexy black suit! Be daring this New Year and have heads turning left and right year round!
2018 in YOUR year ladies!!