Blake Lively Rocks Luxury Swimwear for Endless Summer Beach Days

Summer has finally arrived and one thing that we have been looking forward to the most is long, relaxing days at the beach. We have waited for months to feel the warm sand between our toes, the hot sun on our skin, and the salty water in our hair. Nothing beats lounging at the beach all day and ending it with a perfect sunset, surrounded by friends and family.  The only thing missing from this perfect beach day is designer swimwear to show off your hot bikini body that has been hiding under winter clothes for months now. Our favorite gossip girl, Blake Lively, is the ultimate beach babe with her long blonde locks, killer bod, and luminous smile. We chose three amazing Lady Lux looks for you to rock at the beach this summer and embody our California girl, Blake.

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Blake Lively Rocks Luxury Swimwear for Endless Summer Beach Days

The Jet Set Ready is a bikini that Blake Lively would without a doubt look fabulous in. This luxury swimwear vamps up the classic triangle cut bikini by adding stripes and black and gold circle embellishments. The side tie straps with the black and gold details would draw further attention to Blake’s long, toned legs.  As a major celeb, Blake always needs to be ready to hop on a plane for work or play, and this suit could take her to any beach around the world.

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Blake Lively in Jet Set Ready Bikini

The next bikini that Blake Lively would look amazing in is Red Hot in white. Blake is a timeless beauty who often chooses simple styles with detail. This white suit with rhinestone embellishments perfectly fits Blake for just that reason. Her long blonde hair will pop against the white. The Red Hot bikini will turn all heads at the beach, as the all white draws attention to your golden skin and fun, flirty style.

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Blake Lively in Red Hot Bikini

The final suit that we have chosen for Blake Lively is the Gold Digger monokini.  This is a bold style that has been popping up all over beaches and pool parties alike. With a plunging neck and gold rhinestone embellishments, this suit is designed for people who are confident and want to be seen. We can already see Blake sporting this monokini with her hot hubby, Ryan Reynolds from the private yachts in Cannes to the beaches of Miami.  This is the ultimate beach party suit for anyone who wants to take a risk and have fun.

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Blake Lively in Gold Digger Monokini

How H2O Can Help Maintain Sexy Bikini Skin

What is one of the easiest ways to look hot in a bikini?  We’re talking about beautiful, glowing skin!  Many people forget how important hydration is, especially for sexy skin.  To make sure you are always looking top notch in your designer swimwear you should be drinking eight cups of water per day.   We’ve taken three celebrities with famously perfect skin to show you why H2O is so essential.

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

How H2O Can Help Maintain Sexy Bikini Skin

Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong’o is known from her award winning performance in 12 Years a Slave.  As an up-and-coming actress, before her big film debut, many people did not recognize her name, but rather remembered her gorgeous skin.  She rocks anything she wears because she has the best accessory of them all – her skin.  If you want skin even half as beautiful as Lupita’s it is crucial to stay hydrated every day.  We think Lupita would look incredible in our Deja Vu luxury swimwear monokini.  The bold jade color along with the turquoise and gold detailing in the center and on the hip ties are sure to show off any shade of glowing skin!

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Lupita Nyong’o in Deja Vu

Another skin-gifted celebrity is the beautiful and talented Natalie Portman.  Whether she is playing a ballerina in Black Swan or a reserved nurse in No Strings Attached, she always has a radiant glow.  We are sure Natalie takes great care for her skin and you should too!  If you start to feel signs of minor dehydration, such as headaches, sluggishness, or decreased sweat, grab a bottle of water and start chugging! Our Tainted Love bikini would be perfect for Natalie and you too!  The gold chain detail on neck and hip ties gives the suit a dramatic flair that will compliment anyone’s skin.

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Natalie Portman in Tainted Love

Lastly, is mega-star Blake Lively.  This actress turned model has gorgeous tan skin that we can’t help but to envy.  How do you get that kind of glow?  Well, it’s simple; drink plenty of water to get healthy, beautiful skin!  We think Blake would rock our Summer Siren bikini.  Anyone is sure to turn heads in this suit with its teal stone and gold details.

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Blake Lively in Summer Siren

5 Top Beach Hair Looks to Compliment Luxury Swimwear Look

Designer Swimwear Hair Cover

Top Beach Hair Looks for Luxury Swimwear

When playing at the beach, it is difficult to keep your hair in check. Here are 5 bomb beach looks that will make you the hottest babe on the beach, especially in your luxury swimwear. These hairstyles range from up dos to letting your inner mermaid out. Not to mention that these hairstyles look great with your fave Lady Lux designer swimwear.  A listers like Miley Cyrus, Lauren Conrad, Kourtney Kardashian, Blake Lively, and Rachel Bilson know how to rock these dos while hanging at the beach.

Designer Swimwear Red Hot Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus in Red Hot

The first and most trustworthy hair style is the chic bun. This bun is simple and quick to do. All you need is a hair tie. All you have to do is pull all your hair back, just as if you are to do a high pony tail, next swirl your hair in a doughnut shape take the hair tie and wrap it around. Wallah, it’s done! Miley is a big fan of this look. She loves to rock the bun either on stage or at the beach. Here Miley looks fab in a hot red bikini just like our Red Hot luxury swimwear!

Designer Swimwear Deja Vu Lauren-Conrad

Lauren Conrad in Deja Vu Monokini

The next go to look is the beach braid. Queen Bee (queen of braids) is Lauren Conrad herself. This Laguna Beach star always stays true to her seaside roots by staying true to the braid from  either on the red carpet or when walking along the sand. Now for this beach look, the classic braid can be used in super cute new ways. Next time at the beach add little braids randomly throughout your hair. This is LC’s go to look. She loves a braid in her hair. She wears her braids with a beautiful blue. This style would look lovely in the jade Déjà vu monokini.

Designer Swimwear  Irresistable Tunic Kourtney Kardashian

Kourtney Kardashian in Irresistable Tunic

Our number three look is the French braid. Now, normally this European hair do is done from the top of your head and works its way straight down. For a new and stylish look, change it up! Start by parting your hair on the side and begin French braiding toward the ear. Repeat this step, on each side of the part. This is perfect to keep those baby hairs from flying away.  Kourntey Kardashian  likes her French braid with a stylish beach cover up. Kourt would absolutely love Lady Lux’s Irresistible Tunic with her side French braids.

Designer Swimwear Summer Siren Blake Lively

Blake Lively in Summer Siren

If you can master the French braid then try this next look. This braid is the called the fishtail braid, so fitting for jumping in the ocean. To do this beautiful do, just start like you would a French braid but then add more strands of hair and start fishtailing away! When doing this hair do the trick is to keep this fish tail looking messy and thick. Blake Lively wears her fishtail glamorously in white. Look glam at the beach with the Summer Siren bikini in white with your fab fish braid.

Designer Swimwear American Girl Rachel Bilson

Rachel Bilson in American Girl Bikini

Our last beach hair tip is let it loose! First go jump in the sea and let the salt water do its work with delp from rays from the sun. You will have that mermaid look in seconds. This beach look is natural and beautiful. Rachel Bilson from The O.C. does this hair do casually at a day at the beach. Here she is wearing a stripped bikini with her beach waves. The American Girl bikini is too perfect for this look!


Spotted – S & B lounging poolside in this season’s hottest Luxury Swimwear styles

Blair and Serena in Luxury Swimwear Styles

This Wednesday is no ordinary Wednesday. Why you may ask? Well, as with all Wednesdays it marks the weekly #wcw, but today also marks National Best Friend day! So naturally we had to feature not only our weekly woman crush, but also our favorite besties, which duh are Blair Waldorf and Serena Van der Woodsen! So take note upper east siders (and everybody else), because you can’t miss today’s Luxury Swimwear muses!

Blair Waldorf in the Strawberry Shortcake bikini

Who doesn’t love Queen B? And while we do love Beyonce and Lorde, today we’re talking about Blair Waldorf! With her perfectly preppy, New York City socialite style, we were always excited to see what Chuck Bass’s better half would be wearing in the coming week! One of our favorite Blair style moments was naturally from the style capital of world, Paris! Blair didn’t hold back in the City of Lights and rocked mixed matched bold prints. You can steal Blair’s look (and confidence!) with the Designer Swimwear Strawberry Shortcake bikini! The floral bikini features a pretty pink trim on the top and bottom, a preppy touch we know Blair would love! So grab a headband to match and head to the Hamptons in this fun bikini style!

Serena Van der Woodsen in the Irresistible bikini

Oh Serena, such a lost soul. The beautiful blonde was so tragic and mysterious; you couldn’t help but love her! And you couldn’t help but be obsessed with her wardrobe! Like Ms. Queen B, Serena’s style moment comes from the duo’s Parisian getaway! We absolutely loved her pairing of an ultra feminine, sequined pale pink frock with a more masculine over coat and hat. It was just so perfectly Serena! You can feel like a Van der Woodsen in the Irresistible bikini! The muted blue snake skin print bikini is accented with gold hardware on both the neck and on the hips. Get ready and grab your beach tote and throw on this style, so you can tag along with Blair to the Hamptons!

Gossip Girl’s Luxury Swimwear Style In The Hamptons

Luxury Swimwear Gossip Girl In The Hamptons

Gossip Girl’s Luxury Swimwear In The Hamptons

It’s Throwback Thursday and we’re reminiscing about the good old Gossip Girl days. The famous best friend duo Serena Vander Woodsen and Blair Waldorf lived upscale lifestyles in New York City. These ladies would only settle for the best, which is why they would spend their summers laying pool side in the Hamptons. The Hamptons are one of the most exclusive seaside escapes that can be found. This perfect summer destination is known to host many young socialites who want to get away from it all, such as our favorite Gossip Girl’s. Take time to relax this summer in the Hamptons while wearing luxury swimwear.


Luxury Swimwear Blake Lively In Call Maybe

Blake Lively In Call Me Maybe

Serena, played by Blake Lively, was the girl who had it all. The looks, the guys, and a closet full of designer clothes. When she took a time off from her hectic schedule and escaped to the Hamptons, she would definitely be spotted wearing designer swimwear. Serena shows us how gorgeous she looks in white in her goddess-like dress at one of the exclusive Hampton parties. This look can be captured in Call Me Maybe. This boho babe would look amazing this white bikini with brown accents. This suit gives a goddess like appeal similar to Serena’s dress and will have her looking effortlessly flawless in the Hamptons.


Luxury Swimear Leighton Meester In Ride Like The Wind

Leighton Meester In Ride Like The Wind

Blair Waldorf had a passion for everything she did, from throwing the most ravishing parties, keeping the other girls at school in check, or planning her future empire with Chuck Bass. This beloved Queen Bee always had a scheme, even during her vacations in the Hamptons. Blair is known for rocking fun and bold prints, which is why she would look gorgeous in Ride Like The Wind. With the light blue of the bikini and the feminine floral print, this suit is perfect for Blair Waldorf. The bikini also has a sexy v-cut bottom and is decorated with a bow on the side of the hip and in the center of the triangle top for an extra feminine touch. We know Blair Waldorf would wear this suit during her next vacation in the Hamptons.


Although the gossip girl days are over, these lovely ladies have captured a place in our hearts with their amazing fashion senses and their unforgettable personalities.