Get Beachy Waves that are Perfect to Wear with Luxury Swimwear!

Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Get Beachy Waves that are Perfect to Wear with Luxury Swimwear!

Before the summer’s at its end, perfect your glamorous beachy waves look! Everyone adores the beach wave hairstyle, that gets its name from the natural waves your hair creates after its been exposed to the salty air and ocean from the beach. Lots of stylish gals have taken to trying to recreate the effortless-looking waves off the beach. You can rock this look anywhere, but it especially looks great paired with some luxury swimwear! We will show you how you can achieve the beachy waves look and some beautiful designer swimwear styles that look great with this hairstyle.


Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Britney Spears and Paris Hilton in Call Me Maybe Bikini


There are many ways to get beachy waves, but we will talk about the easiest ways that don’t require heat! Yes, it’s obvious you can get waves by curling your hair then tousling with your fingers for that messy look. However, heat is damaging and during the summer our hair already takes a beating from the sun and the chlorine or ocean water we expose it to. Creating heatless beachy waves will only work for ladies with straight hair. If your hair is naturally curly, you will have to use a straightener, blow dryer and round brush to achieve looser curls. For curly girls, we say you should save your hair from the heat and styling and rock your natural curls at the beach! You’ve already got envy-worthy curls! In the next sections, we will go over the methods to get wavy beach hair for straight-hair gals. For now, check out the wavy, beach-ready hair on celebs Britney Spears and Paris Hilton! Their blonde wavy locks look cute with their white bikinis, and our bikini choice to achieve the same look is the Call Me Maybe bikini. Look super flirty wearing the Call Me Maybe with some sexy beachy hair!


Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Tyra Banks and Lauren Conrad in Rich Girl Bikini in Mint


One of the easiest ways to get beachy waves is to wet your hair, part it into two sections then twist it together. You can also braid your hair or put it in a bun. Tie off the hair then let it dry, either overnight while you’re asleep or for the majority of the day. You can do this after you get out of the shower or simply wet your hair with some water and your hands or a spray bottle. It’ll work even better if you add in a curling cream or a texturizing spray such as one specifically meant for beachy waves that includes sea salt as an ingredient. Or, look up a DIY sea salt spray for the same effect. Once the hair is dry, untie your hair and tousle it with your fingers. (Tousle your hair upside-down, then flip back up again for extra volume!) Scrunch up the hair with your fingers then you can finish off with some hairspray or more texturizer. Voila! Beachy waves that look like Tyra Banks or Lauren Conrad’s hair as they wear their fab mint bikinis. Mint is a gorgeous color for a bikini, why is why we would love to wear our hair all pretty and wavy in the Rich Girl Bikini in mint!


Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Eva Longoria and Kim Kardashian in Strawberry Shortcake Bikini


Most methods on getting beachy waves include manipulating the hair while its wet into some sort of twist or curl then letting it loose once the waves have set. If you try to search for a way to do heatless waves, you’ll come across girls using everything from straws and rolled up magazine paper to curl it, or bobby pins to pin it up into curls. The bobby-pin method works well. With your fingers, simply roll small or medium-sized sections (depending on how big you want your curls) of your dampened hair into a curl, then pin it up with a bobby pin. Your whole head of hair should be pinned up. Once it’s dry and it’s been a couple of hours, let it loose. The same idea can be done but with a headband! Grab a stretchy headband that goes all the way around the head, put it on and roll sections of your hair up and into the headband. Twist the sections up and around the headband, working from one side of your head to the other, until your hair’s off your neck and secured by the headband. You may need bobby pins to secure the hair further. Again, go to sleep or wait many hours until you can let your hair down. Once you’ve achieved beachy waves, you won’t be able to wait to wear an adorable swimsuit like the Strawberry Shortcake bikini. This floral-patterned bikini looks even better with a cute hairstyle like beachy waves. Eva Longoria and Kim Kardashian are always wearing their hair in waves, and they look so darling in their floral suits! Any way you achieve your beachy waves, look amazing wearing your hair wavy in some luxury bikinis!

Celebs That Know How to Party Rock Luxury Swimwear this Summer

Summer is the time when our favorite celebs jet-set around the world to take a much needed break from the craziness of their Hollywood lifestyles. While they may fall off the radar for a few weeks, their social media accounts always give us an inside look as to what it’s like to travel like a star! From yachts to the most exclusive beach resorts, we know that celebs do not hold back when it comes to summer vacays! Drinks on the beach, tanning in the ocean, and dancing the night away at the hottest clubs are staples of summer travel! We know that they always have their luxury swimwear ready to go at all times for a spontaneous getaway!

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Hot celebs rock designer swimwear on jet-set vacations

Julianne Hough is one bikini babe who always looks fabulous in her designer swimwear and has an incredible dancer’s bod that we all wish we had! She danced her way into our hearts during her time on Dancing with the Stars and has since been seen on the big screen. She has an amazing crew of best friends and they are always having fun together! We think the Strawberry Shortcake bikini would be the perfect look for Julianne! This ultra-girly and flirty swimsuit is perfect for the cute star who always looks sexy and feminine! The green and pink floral pattern is all the rage this summer and will make jaws drop at any summer destination spot!

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Julianne Hough in the Strawberry Shortcake designer swimwear bikini

Selena Gomez is another babe who has been popping up around the world with her famous friends! She has been seen busting out her sexiest dance moves in her new music videos and has left her Disney days behind her! The Indian Summer bikini would be a hot look for Selena, who’s high-end fashion choices are always classy and mature. The sunset colors of this bikini would look amazing with Selena’s perfectly flowing hair and glowing skin! This summer style is perfect for anyone who wants to rock a relaxed, boho-chic bikini, but still bring some heat to their vacation!

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Selena Gomez looks fab in the Indian Summer designer swimwear bikini

One Hollywood celeb who has always had a place in our hearts is Britney Spears! From her days as a teen star, to her public breakdown, to her comeback and residency at Planet Hollywood, we have always stood by Britney! She has been looking hotter than ever and staying in shape for her Piece of Me show in Las Vegas. On her days off, we know she is going to escape the Vegas heat and head to beaches around the world to spend time with her precious kids! The Guilty Pleasure bikini was practically made for Britney! The coral color is perfect with Britney’s blonde locks and the sexy gold embellishments are the perfect details to amp up a summer swimwear look! Don’t hold back this summer and rock the sexiest swimwear looks!

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Britney Spears rocks the Guilty Pleasure designer swimwear bikini

Head for the Water in Gorgeous Aqua and Green Luxury Swimwear

Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Head for the Water in Gorgeous Aqua and Green Luxury Swimwear

What’s a bikini without some water to splash around and wear in? This summer as you’re making your way to the water, how about choosing a bikini in a color that compliments the blue-green waters of the pool or ocean beautifully? Wearing an aqua or light green bikini when you’re going for a dip is perfect! Not only are the colors great for looking good in the water, they’re super summery shades! Celebs like Kim K. and Britney Spears have been seen more than once in a pretty aqua bikini, and Vanessa Hudgens was seen in the film Spring Breakers in a light green bikini. Make a splash in aqua and green luxury swimwear!


Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Kim Kardashian and Kelly Rowland in Rich Girl Bikini in Mint


One of the prettiest colors to wear by the water is a color that matches it, aqua! Look cool and fresh in this beautiful, vibrant color. The Rich Girl bikini in mint is just what you need to look fantastic by the water. Kim Kardashian and Kelly Rowland are looking bright in their aqua suits. A designer swimwear ensemble in this color would go great on any skin tone, as Kim and Kelly show us. The Rich Girl in mint is in a youthful turquoise color, yet looks sophisticated and luxurious with its rhinestone embellishments. No doubt your summer will go swimmingly with a sexy turquoise bikini to wear!


Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Britney Spears and Jennifer Lawrence in Sugar Rush Bikini in Jade


A slightly brighter suit, the Sugar Rush bikini in jade is awesome for making a vivid color statement this summer! A bikini in this aqua hue is so nice for making a watery escape to the pool or beach since it matches the water without being too close of a match. It’s brighter than the water, making you stand out! Britney Spears and Jennifer Lawrence are making their way to some waves in stunning bright turquoise bikinis. The Sugar Rush in jade is a winner for looking cute and vibrant by the water!


Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Vanessa Hudgens in Sweet Cheeks Bikini


A fabulous color that often gets overlooked in swimwear is light, spring green. This color is unique and looks just as great as aqua for looking youthful and pool or beach-ready.  The Sweet Cheeks bikini is not only in a gorgeous light green fabric, but it also features adorable flowers and a lace-up look on the bust. Vanessa Hudgens is making a cute color statement wearing a green bikini for the movie Spring Breakers. Any girl, including Vanessa, would be a darling in the Sweet Cheeks bikini. Go green or aqua in your swimwear this summer for a fresh, beachy look!

Battle of the All-American Pop Stars: 4th of July Luxury Swimwear Style

Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Battle of the All-American Pop Stars: 4th of July Style

Whose tunes will you be bumping this 4th of July? Are you a fan of Katy Perry, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, or all three? These popular music stars are constantly competing for the spotlight as number one female hit-maker of recent years. Not only are these lovely ladies on top of the music industry, they’re always on top of their patriotic look! Come 4th of July, you can count on these babes to bring the American spirit. Show your spirit this Independence Day weekend with any of our luxury swimwear that would go great on Taylor, Britney and Katy, or even on you!


Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Katy Perry in Red Hot Bikini in Red


Katy Perry is always rocking the American flag on her clothing, whether she’s going for a casual look, or she’s wowing us on stage. We can bet that this weekend on the 4th, she’ll most likely be posting up a pic of her wearing something patriotic. We could also bet that we’ll be listening to one of her catchy songs, “Firework” to get us pumped up for the holiday and watching some fireworks! Since Katy loves showing off her American pride, she would adore the Red Hot bikini in red, which looks totally hot and spirited! Wear a punchy red suit like the Red Hot to look absolutely jaw-dropping on the 4th, while proudly displaying America’s brightest national color in your designer swimwear!


Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Taylor Swift in American Girl Bikini


Taylor Swift is one of our favorite “America’s Sweetheart[s]” (since there seems to be so many these days!) She’s looking real sweet posing against those American flag backdrops in the photos. Although we know Taylor loves the color red, we can’t help but think this blue-and-white bikini, the American Girl, would look so adorable on her! She could, of course, keep her red lipstick on while wearing this cute suit to complete the patriotic look. The American Girl is a favorite for July 4th because it’s striped, features two of the US national colors, and helloooo, it’s called American Girl!


Britney Spears in Jet Set Ready Bikini


One of the princesses of pop, Britney Spears, is one of America’s all-time favorite pop singers. Try putting some of her hot songs on while getting ready in your bikini, you’ll feel even sexier! Most of her songs are sexy, and so is this Jet Set Ready bikini we thought would be a good match for her. Brit would probably be captivated by its stripes of red, black and white, that are so stylish and unique. She loves to stun audiences, and she’d do just that in this awesome bikini. Which pop star do you think has the best patriotic style? They’re all so great, but is there a clear winner? A “winner” will always be a lady in the sexiest bikini, so choose one of these amazing patriotic bikinis to wear this Fourth of July!

Free Gift with Luxury Swimwear at Las Vegas Hotels

Designer Swimwear Cover Las Vegas Promo

Yes, you read correctly! During this summer you can own your very own luxury swimwear with a FREE gift when you go to Las Vegas. So when you are living it up in Sin City make sure to go to MGM Grand Hotel or Mandalay Bay Hotel’s Pearl Moon to not only purchase your sexy Lady Lux bikini but also receive a free pool tote! Now this is one steal to keep you looking like a smoke when in the wet republic. To give you a head start we have chosen three Vegas looks that are a must for either pool lounging or being the showstopper at a wildly fun pool party!

Desginer Swimwear Tainted Love Rihanna

Rihanna in Tainted Love Bikini

Celebs Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Britney Spears know what we are taking about because they have been caught red handed wearing some smoken designer swimwear by Las Vegas pools. Wild and voted hottest female of 2014 Rihanna can definitely be found either poolside in Vegas or at the Vegas clubs. That’s why we want to see Rihanna in the Tainted Love Bikini. This swimwear is a sexy all black bikini embellished with chains. One dangerously hot look for bad girl Ri Ri.

Designer Swimwear Summer Siren Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus in Summer Siren Bikini

This brings us to our next look for party girl Miley Cyrus. Our girl Miley loves to have a crazy fun time in Las Vegas. She can always be found partying by the pool or being the life of the party in the hottest Vegas clubs, VIP of course. So for this hot wild thing we pulled the Summer Siren for her to rage in at any Las Vegas scene. This white bikini with pops of turquoise stones is a bombshell that will have show off Mileys beautiful blue eyes.

Designer Swimwear Hot Stuff Britney Spears

Britney Spears in Red Hot Bikini

Last but not least the queen of Las Vegas Britney Spears. This all star performer has stolen the show countless times in Vegas. She even has a home there. Now this beach blonde babe knows how to rock a bikini. That’s why for this Vegas look we chose the Red Hot bikini in white. This sexy yet glam look is a definite knock out and perfect to be center stage at any Vegas pool. Britney would drive everyone crazy in this hot bikini.  

Now that you know our three fave Las Vegas bikini looks go the MGM Grand Hotel or Mandalay Bay Hotel and see what Lady Lux bikini is waiting for you. You can decide what your personal Las Vegas look is along with your FREE gift!  Remember Lux Ladies what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.