Cruise With Lady Lux Designer Swimwear



Cruise With Designer Lady Lux


Set sail ladies…cruise season is approaching! Cruises are a perfect way to travel! There are so many fun activities as well as great opportunities to show off your luxury swimwear! Whether you’re going somewhere tropical or not, there’s bound to be opportunities for tanning on the deck! So grab your Lady Lux designer swimwear, and hop on that cruise!



Tan in Luxury Lady Lux Swimwear


If you’re going on vacation somewhere tropical, you gotta come back with an awesome tan! Good thing the suns always shining on the sea! Use your travel time by soaking up rays on the deck with your travel partners! The Tribal Temptation bikini is sexy tanning motivation. The white bikini will complement your tan perfectly.



Lady Lux Designer Cover-Ups!


Now, there are times where you will have to cover up. Try a Lady Lux tunic! They are great for hot weather. You will look super sexy while staying cool. Wear this tunic to a sunset boat event. Or perhaps try the Wanderlust romper! Both choices are perfect for an unforgettable cruise experience!



Lady Lux Desginer Monokinis


Now there are times where you’re going to want to impress others by wearing something sexy and unique! Try a monokini! They are perfect for running around on a cruise ship, or tanning on one of your stops! Wherever you’re going on your cruise, Lady Lux has an amazing array of sexy items!


Sexy Bikini Destinations Around The World

Best Bikini Destinations

Best Beach and Bikini Destinations

Its is almost cruise season, and that always means amazing destinations, food, culture, and fun. Of course our favorite destinations alway include gorgeous beaches and lots of sunshine – basically anywhere we can show off our luxury swimwear! To kick things off this year, we are going to highlight some of the best beach destinations for all the bikini lovers out there. Not only are these destinations stunning, but there is so much to see and do! Make sure to shop Lady Lux for all of your new vacation apparel.


Mykonos Greece Bikini Destination

Mykonos Greece Is A Gorgeous Bikini Destination



Our first favorite bikini destination has to be Mykonos, Greece. Like many other islands of Greece, Mykonos is adorned with picturesque blue and white buildings and you will have stunning view from just about anywhere you go on the island. The best part about this island in particular is its amazing white sand beaches and perfectly clear blue water, perfect for soaking up the island sun in your favorite bikini! After the sun goes down in Mykonos, there is plenty going on and the nightlife on this island is unlike any other.


Aruba Beach Bikini Destination

Aruba Beaches Are A Favorite Bikini Destination



If it’s a Caribbean paradise you are looking for, then look no further than the luxurious island of Aruba. With the most sunny days of any island in the Caribbean, Aruba is an easy pick for top bikini destination! Not only are the beaches on this island amazing, but there are so many things to do and see out on the water.




Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Playa Del Carmen Mexico Bikini Destination

Playa Del Carmen in Mexico has to be our pick for most festive and fun getaway. Here you will find some of the best beaches in Mexico, amazing food and culture, as well as fun nightlife. The crystal clear blue water in Playa Del Carmen is perfect for snorkeling and diving, and you may just spot some sea turtles while parasailing high above the water! The adventures don’t end at the beach though, there is also so much to see by land. Wherever you are traveling to this year, don’t forget to pack your designer swimwear!