Birthday Girl Jessica Simpson in Luxury Swimwear

Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Birthday Girl Jessica Simpson in Luxury Swimwear

Jessica Simpson, one of our fav stars in Hollywood, is having lots to celebrate in life right about now! Today, July 10th, is her 34th birthday, and she just got married to her long-time sweetie Eric Johnson on July 5th. We’re very excited for her and wanted to celebrate by giving her our luxury swimwear choices that would best fit the gorgeous Jessica Simpson. All of our swimwear picks would fit her personal style and are also suited for anyone that wants to look just as fabulous as this blonde bombshell!


Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Jessica Simpson in Ride Like the Wind Bikini


Jessica Simpson is a country girl by heart! She’s a country singer after all. She also loves to show off her country roots in her clothing, which is why the Ride Like the Wind bikini is the ultimate choice for this babe. Jessica made “daisy dukes”, or denim cutoff short-shorts famous from the movie The Dukes of Hazzard in which she was a leading actress. The Ride Like the Wind bikini has some faux denim on the bottoms for that “daisy duke” look, that looks so sweet n’ country! The denim looks cute next to the floral pattern of this designer swimwear. The flowers are adorable, just like anyone who wears this bikini!


Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Jessica Simpson in Sugar Rush Bikini


We love the color coral for the summer, don’t you?! Every fashionable gal is sporting coral at some point in the summer! It’s a must-have! The color is flattering on anyone, and Jessica looking stunning in that coral midi dress is a great example. The shade pops against her tanned skin, making you focus on that beautiful glow. She even wore a pinky-coral bikini in The Dukes of Hazzard. The hot coral swimsuit we would adore on Jessica is the Sugar Rush bikini. The luxe gold detailing matches her glamorous style, and you already know that color is amazing! The Sugar Rush bikini is one of the ultimate bikinis of summer!


Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Jessica Simpson in Call Me Maybe Bikini


Jessica was the lady in white just five days ago when she had her big wedding, which is why we think this next bikini is perfect for her. The Call Me Maybe bikini is a pretty shade of white with tan strings and gold details. The white and brown combo matches some of her country-inspired looks, such as the outfit she wore on the cover of her album Do You Know and one of her stylish stage looks. The Call Me Maybe would definitely compliment her nicely! We’re all happy for Jessica, and we hope you rock some of her sexy swimsuit looks!

Be Fierce this Fourth of July in Luxury Swimwear

The Fourth of July is just two days away and the full party prep has officially begun! People are whipping out their beach chairs, firing up their grills, and perfecting their party playlists. Ladies who want to look hot and patriotic have been planning their outfits for weeks, but if the holiday has suddenly sprung upon you and you have no idea what to wear, don’t worry just yet! We have pulled three of the fiercest designer swimwear looks that will catch all eyes this 4th of July. Jessica Simpson, Ashley Benson, and Tyra Banks are three of Hollywood’s fiercest, boldest celebs and we know that they will be lookin’ flirty and sexy for their celebrations!

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Three All-American Hollywood girls look perfectly patriotic for the 4th of July!

Jessica Simpson is a classic all-American blonde beauty. After hiding away from the limelight for a few years to be with her precious babies, Jess is back looking hotter than ever! With her recent bod transformation we know that she will be strutting her stuff in a hot luxury swimwear bikini this 4th. The Lost at Sea bikini is the perfect choice for Jessica! The red and white stripes are the perfect colors for the holiday and the bustier-style top screams Jessica Simpson! Style your hair with some sexy  beach waves and no one will be able to resist you!

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Jessica Simpson in the Lost at Sea bikini!

Ashley Benson has transformed from an ABC star on Pretty Little Liars to a major celeb and fashion inspiration in just a few short years! She is always looking amazing and having the time of her life with her costars and best friends. We know Ashley has something ridiculously fun planned for the 4th and we think she would look perfect in the American Girl bikini! This nautical-style suit is perfect for a beach or pool party this 4th! Throw on some red accessories to play off the white and navy stripes, and you have yourself a full patriotic look!

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Ashley Benson in the American Girl bikini!

Tyra Banks is one of America’s, and the world’s most successful models and fashion icons. She practically invented the word fierce, and we know she will be strutting her stuff at a VIP Fourth of July party. The Rich Girl bikini in white is the perfect choice for Tyra. The pristine white suit with gold embellishments is an amazing look for the holiday! The white will make anyone standout at a crowded beach or pool party. Pair the suit with any red and blue accessory and you will be the most all-American girl!

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Tyra Banks in the Rich Girl bikini!

Show Your American Pride in Designer Swimwear!

We love America!  Show off your pride in the good ‘ole USA this 4th of July in gorgeous designer swimwear! Independence day is the best day of the year to shamelessly dress super patriotic.  Rocking a beautiful red white and blue bikini is the perfect way to show your spirit!  We have picked a few celebrities who we think exude American pride, and who America loves just as much!

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Show Your American Pride in Designer Swimwear!

Jessica Biel is the perfect American beauty.  She is naturally stunning, talented, and is married to Justin Timberlake! Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to be THE Mrs. JT?  She posted a spirited instagram sporting an American print hat and holding a flag.   We love her USA pride and think she would look stunning and patriotic in our Jet Set Ready luxury swimwear monokini.  The red white and blue stripes make it the picturesque outfit for Independence Day!

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Jessica Biel in Jet Set Ready Monokini

Next is everyone’s biggest girl crush, Mila Kunis.  Her beauty and great personality have completely won America over.  She looked smokin’ in a recent GQ editorial wearing a white tee and we died when she wore a silky navy gown!  We think she would look incredible in our navy Rich Girl bikini.  The color is spot on for a patriotic holiday such as the 4th! The suit is a sexy color while not being too busy for those who don’t prefer lots of patterns.

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Mila Kunis in Rich Girl Bikini

Finally someone who was considered America’s Sweetheart for a very long time, Jessica Simpson!  We have known about Jessica Simpson since she was just a little girl and she stole our hearts as she grew into a beautiful young woman.  Now, she is a mother of 2 and living a fabulous life with her new family.  We were in awe when she was featured in an American editorial wearing a flag bikini with army pants.  She is so hot and the ideal American girl.  We think she would love our Lost at Sea bikini because it is really patriotic and adorable.  The bustier top gives the suit an ultra-sexy look and is an ideal suit for the 4th of July!

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Jessica Simpson in Lost at Sea Bikini

Summer Celebrity Honeymoons Calls For Luxury Swimwear

Designer Swimwear summer weddings cover

Luxury Swimwear for Summer Celebrity Honeymoons.

Cheers! It is definitely wedding season for the starlets. Silver fox George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin have just announced their engagement this summer. Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson are planning to tie the knot this Fourth of July in Santa Barbra, California. Our last hot A-List couple who are preparing for their wedding right now in Europe is Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. But do you know what all these weddings really mean? That’s right, its all about the oooh la la honeymoon. These power couples are going to want to travel with their new hubby to the perfect paradise. These future brides are going to want to look extra fab in some designer swimwear for the loves of their life.

Designer Swimwear Red Hot Amal Alamuddin

Amal Alamuddin in Red Hot

Our newest couple is George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin. Amal was able to tie down the most infamous bachelor of them all. Amal, hats off to you girl. Now, Amal is going to want to wear some killer luxury swimwear during her honeymoon and we have just the ticket for her. Amal is going to want to have a very sexy bikini for her getaway with Mr. Clooney. That’s why we think that Lady Lux’s Red Hot bikini will make her the hottest babe on the beach. Especially, with Amals long dark hair, tan skin and big brown eyes.  This exotic look is one that George Clooney will find irresistible.

Designer Swimwear Gold Digger Monokini Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson in Gold Digger Monokini

Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson are the next wedding duo to get hitched this summer. Now this couple is going big or going home. Jessica Simpson was quoted to say that her wedding will “definitely be extravagant”.  So for Jessica an extravagant bikini is what she will need for her honeymoon with hottie Eric Johnson by her side. Now Jessica is a our daisy duke blonde who will look so glamorous in the Gold Digger black monokini. This look calls for a deep plunge with a gold rhinestone center. This sexy monokini is an excellent extravagant look for Jessica’s honeymoon to paradise.

Designer Swimwear Hot Stuff Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian in Hot Stuff

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are the next couple to be getting married in the next couple of weeks. Now this couple is all about the newest and hottest fashion. Kim is going to want to be the trendiest girl on the beach. This summer season bright colors are in. The magenta Hot Stuff bikini will be just what our girl Kim K will want. The magenta will make her beautiful brown hair, eyes, and skin look amazing in the summer sun. Not to mention this low rise bottom will show off her hottest asset. Kanye will 100% approve of this summer look.

Gossip Girl’s Luxury Swimwear Style In The Hamptons

Luxury Swimwear Gossip Girl In The Hamptons

Gossip Girl’s Luxury Swimwear In The Hamptons

It’s Throwback Thursday and we’re reminiscing about the good old Gossip Girl days. The famous best friend duo Serena Vander Woodsen and Blair Waldorf lived upscale lifestyles in New York City. These ladies would only settle for the best, which is why they would spend their summers laying pool side in the Hamptons. The Hamptons are one of the most exclusive seaside escapes that can be found. This perfect summer destination is known to host many young socialites who want to get away from it all, such as our favorite Gossip Girl’s. Take time to relax this summer in the Hamptons while wearing luxury swimwear.


Luxury Swimwear Blake Lively In Call Maybe

Blake Lively In Call Me Maybe

Serena, played by Blake Lively, was the girl who had it all. The looks, the guys, and a closet full of designer clothes. When she took a time off from her hectic schedule and escaped to the Hamptons, she would definitely be spotted wearing designer swimwear. Serena shows us how gorgeous she looks in white in her goddess-like dress at one of the exclusive Hampton parties. This look can be captured in Call Me Maybe. This boho babe would look amazing this white bikini with brown accents. This suit gives a goddess like appeal similar to Serena’s dress and will have her looking effortlessly flawless in the Hamptons.


Luxury Swimear Leighton Meester In Ride Like The Wind

Leighton Meester In Ride Like The Wind

Blair Waldorf had a passion for everything she did, from throwing the most ravishing parties, keeping the other girls at school in check, or planning her future empire with Chuck Bass. This beloved Queen Bee always had a scheme, even during her vacations in the Hamptons. Blair is known for rocking fun and bold prints, which is why she would look gorgeous in Ride Like The Wind. With the light blue of the bikini and the feminine floral print, this suit is perfect for Blair Waldorf. The bikini also has a sexy v-cut bottom and is decorated with a bow on the side of the hip and in the center of the triangle top for an extra feminine touch. We know Blair Waldorf would wear this suit during her next vacation in the Hamptons.


Although the gossip girl days are over, these lovely ladies have captured a place in our hearts with their amazing fashion senses and their unforgettable personalities.