If Songs were Designer Swimwear: Grammys Edition

The 57th Annual Grammys are always a highlight at the beginning of every year, but this year seemed especially special. Sam Smith took home four out of his six nominations; something unheard of for a name that was unknown less than a year ago. With other well-known artists sweeping the floor with their talent, it was a night of influence and awareness as many used their podium of gratitude to raise awareness for many causes like domestic violence, and this year’s nationwide protest of “Black Lives Matter”. And to that, we applaud the Grammy’s as they reach to make a difference. But with so many other news outlets covering that, Lady Lux wants to mix a little light-hearted fun into the bundle, so we ask the question: what if songs were Designer Swimwear?

Sam Smith has us Counting Stars pondering love.

Stay With Me (Darkchild Version)
James Napier, William Phillips & Sam Smith, songwriters (Sam Smith)
Label: Capitol Records; Publishers: Sony/ATV Songs LLC obo Naughty Words Ltd./Universal-Polygram Int. Tunes, Inc. obo Method Paperwork

Listening to Sam Smith’s song ‘Stay With Me’ makes you fall in love with him from the start. Deep, real lyrics is what his music preaches without effort.  This song is one for the ages as everyone can relate to losing someone they love, whether it was an elementary-school-yard love to something much deeper. Counting Stars Luxury Swimwear suit has us feeling all of those things. The classic black suit is ideal for every love struck emotion you may be feeling while you catch a tan experiencing every word your ear-buds relay to you.

Beck wins with his free spirited album Morning Phase.

Morning Phase
Beck Hansen, producer; Tom Elmhirst, David Greenbaum, Florian Lagatta, Cole Marsden Greif-Neill, Robbie Nelson, Darrell Thorp, Cassidy Turbin & Joe Visciano, engineers/mixers; Bob Ludwig, mastering engineer
Label: Capitol Records

Beck took the music industry by shock as he nabbed album of the year while going up against some hefty competition. Becks album is like a set of poems set to music; free spirited and free flowing. Free Spirit Bikini is exactly that. Listen to the album track to track and that is all the explanation you’ll need to understand.

Gaga and Bennett get cutesy and so does #LadyLux

Cheek To Cheek
Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga
Label: Streamline/Columbia/RPM/Interscope

The days of bad romance seem long ago since Lady Gaga has collaborated with Tony Bennett to give the classic song ‘Cheek To Cheek’ a new-do.  Performing at the Grammys showed Lady Gaga in a new light, wearing a shimmering black, deep cut gown acting cutesy around Tony Bennett as they danced cheek to cheek. Even though Lady many not act so Gaga anymore, we are getting down to her true talent as a jazzy musician who has pipes to match her old Hollywood glam vibe. #LadyLux is glam in all its glory. The confident red is subtle and classic, everything this performance was.


This year’s Grammys had some surprises for us, but we are all for the excitement. Hope you all found some new musical favorites, if not some new bikinis.

Happy listening,

Lady Lux.

Harper Bazaar Magazine’s Iconic Musician: Lady Gaga in Luxury Swimwear

American singer and songwriter, Lady Gaga is one of the most influential pop stars today. Her debut single, “Just Dance,” in 2008 received popular demand worldwide and helped lay the foundation for her career. Soon after, in 2009, she released her second album, The Fame Monster, accompanied by her Monster Ball Tour. Although she is primarily known for her musical talents, Lady Gaga also has a unique, inspiring taste in fashion. Her extreme costumes at live performances and award show appearances never fail to surprise us. Our fun and unique Luxury Swimwear styles would look amazing on the pop icon! Here are a few of our swimwear choices that would be perfect for the Queen of Pop and her Little Monsters!

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Harper Bazaar Magazine’s Iconic Musician: Lady Gaga in Luxury Swimwear

Lady Gaga’s fashion sense is definitely one of a kind. The singer is most recognizable for her outrageous fashion and costume ensembles. In the September 2014 issue of Harper’s Bazaar, she is featured as the “Iconic Musician” on the cover of the magazine. She holds her new French bulldog Asia while looking stunning in a light pink ensemble. Our Guilty Pleasure Bikini would be the perfect “Pretty in Pink” fit since the color and gold chain details on the top and bottoms resemble the Mother Monster’s cover look. Her worldwide fans envy her fashion taste and we definitely think our Designer Swimwear would be fitting for her audience as well!

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Lady Gaga in Guilty Pleasure Bikini

In the Harper’s feature, the songstress was interviewed by German fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld. Also envious of her crazy fashion looks, the fashion guru asked her questions about her personal style and about her next fashion “trip.” She describes her current style as evolving and reflective of past fashion icons. This second look featured in the magazine proves that she is recently enjoying vintage fashion. Her oversized men’s coat and black fishnet tights resemble the past vintage look. We can’t ignore the fashionista’s choice in red as well! Her red lipstick and nails perfect the look! Our Lost at Sea bikini would be an essential complement to suit Lady Gaga’s interest in vintage fashion pieces! The underwire bustier-style top with black ruffle and red stripes complete her sense of style. If you’re a fan of this uniquely styled bikini, add it to your fashion wardrobe!

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Lady Gaga in Lost at Sea Bikini

Today, Lady Gaga continues to be a fashion icon for her fanbase of Little Monsters. In this last picture featured in this month’s issue of Harper’s Bazaar, she is seen wearing fishnet tights once again but this time with a white styled coat containing silver zippers throughout the bottom of the piece. The Red Hot bikini in bright white has got the perfect mix of simple n’ sexy! The silver rhinestoned hardware throughout the sexy swimsuit would look stunning on the “Bad Romance” singer. Like Lady Gaga, you’ll be the center of attention in this hot number!

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Lady Gaga in Red Hot Bikini

Designer Swimwear for this Summer’s Hottest Singers

Every summer, the hottest musical babes go on tours around the nation and the world, bringing out the inner fan-girl in us all! We wish we could attend every single show to see our favorite stars belt out their amazing songs in an arena filled with thousands of screaming fans, lights, and stage props. Whether our favorite artists are playing at a festival, small venue, or stadium, this summer is packed with amazing shows across the country! Tour schedules are always so tiring for these performers and we know that they will be taking a few days to recharge in the middle of their tours! A sexy beach or swim day in designer swimwear is the perfect way for our favorite ladies to relax and rejuvenate.

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Summer’s hottest artists rock designer swimwear

Lady Gaga hasn’t been in the music scene as much as she was a few years ago, but it is virtually impossible to not dance when you hear the smash hit, Poker Face! She is always wearing the most bold fashion pieces and isn’t afraid to make a statement. We think she would rock the Déjà Vu monokini! The bright turquoise is the perfect color for Lady Gaga and she would love the unique style of the luxury swimwear!  The embellishments add another sexy touch to make you stand out even more! Rock this bikini with Lady Gaga’s confidence and you will be irresistible!

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Lady Gaga in the Deja Vu luxury swimwear monokini

Katy Perry is always a fan favorite and her concerts seem like one big fantasy party! Her props are always perfection and her cute outfits to match each song are equally as perfect. During a quick tour break, we could totally see Katy rocking the Guilty Pleasure bikini! The sweet salmon color matches Katy’s charming personality, but the gold embellishments add a sexy touch that Katy always incorporates into her wardrobe. Whether she is relaxing poolside or on an amazing beach, Katy would look amazing in this bikini!

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Katy Perry in the Guilty Pleasure designer swimwear bikini

Beyoncé is the ultimate diva and fashionista! This summer we cannot wait for her and JayZ’s hubby and wife tour! They just kicked it off a few weeks ago and the reviews have been nothing short of amazing, not that we are surprised! We know Queen Bey would rock the Gold Digger monokini on a little weekend break from the tour! The sexy monokini embodies Beyoncé’s classy, sultry style and her hot bod would look killer in this suit! Beyoncé is the ultimate bikini and tour babe this summer!

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Beyonce in the Gold Digger designer swimwear monokini