The Perfect Pair

Hello Lady Lux lovers! If you’re like us we always have a pair of sunglasses on hand. They are the perfect accessory right? We have a few fashion tips for you on how to pick the perfect pair to match your Lady Lux Bikinis and Lady Lux Swimwear!

The Donnatella Bikini pairs perfectly with a fun round pair of brown shades. This bikini is sassy enough on its own so the soft contrast of brown round sunnies will complete the look. Sunglasses are always the perfect accessory. The Donnatella features eye catching rhinestones and gold circle detail at the neck tie straps so just slide on those brown beauties and you will have a sexy and fun outfit.

Our Feather Wash Triangle Bikini pairs with some dark aviators. You can never go wrong with aviators which are such as a classic look as is this triangle string bikini. The contrast of some dark shades will make the fun colors and gold beads on this bikini pop and keep you looking fierce! Not to mention the low rise cheeky bottoms with gold ring accessories!

Our Tropical Affair Triangle Bikini pairs perfectly with a pink cat eye style pair of sunnies! This fun and flirty bikini calls for a fun pair of sun glasses and what better way to feel fierce than to finish of your look with a stylish cat eye. Summer may be over but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun with accessorizing even at the pool.

You can’t go wrong adding sunglasses to your look but our favorites this season are for sure the round sunnies, the classic aviator and the sassy cat eye!


Dress your best this 2018!

Let this year be the year for fresh and funky dresses! Start the year off right with some new colors and style to spice up this new year. We have just the picks for you! We have maxi dresses, mini dresses, and even red dresses! Don’t find yourself staring at your closet feeling bored with your wardrobe. There are so many choices to choose from to start your year off right.

To start, check out the Chella Babe White Mini Dress. This super simple dress brings both fashion and flair. With its super sexy long bell sleeves and lacy detail, this short white dress will be your go to dress for any and every occasion.

If you want to add some color to your plain wardrobe. The Good Vibrations Mini Dress is fun and funky in its beautiful purple tie-dye wash. This long bell sleeve mini dress has the fun flirty look but also the simple sleek dress that is a must-have for your wardrobe.

Our last dress pick is the Goddess of Lux Red Maxi Dress. This dress is a jaw dropping showstopper. This plunging neck, high-low skirt, and gold belt maxi dress is that elegant gown that everyone will be looking at. Perfect for lounging or a play at the theater, this dress is as versatile as your little black dress. Adding this to your 2018 look will definitely spice up your wardrobe collection!



Heat Up Your Wardrobe With Some Red Hot Swimwear

At the height of winter, while the snow comes down, and the chilly temperatures drop, don’t hide out in the safety of your home! Get out, get into your jacuzzi or take a last minute trip somewhere warm! Bring some heat into your wardrobe with some red swimwear, just because you’re cold, doesn’t mean your closet has to be too! New designer swimsuits are always a good idea, they make you feel special and make you look great! Red is the color of winter 2018, so don’t let your wardrobe freeze up.

Deciding to go on a getaway trip to the south this winter? You’re going to need a fancy dress to wear to your fancy date and then for your crazy night out. The Goddess of Lux Red Maxi Dress is a perfect and versatile dress for your tropical getaway. This dress is flattering, and red hot! You will definitely won’t be cold anymore when you get back home!

Heading to Vegas for the weekend and you need the right swimsuit to turn some heads and get into a bit of trouble? The Double Trouble Red Bikini is perfect for this weekend trip spent by the pool! This bikini is sure to get many complements, stir up some trouble, and break some hearts. When you get back home Sunday evening, you’ll feel refreshed and your winter chills will be gone.


Looking for a much needed staycation or a trip to your jacuzzi? You need the Rich & Pretty Red Bikini, this is the perfect bikini for spending some time in the hot tub with friends and loved ones. This bikini is simple and perfect, you’ll be comfortable, look great, and feel great spending time in the jacuzzi with some friendly faces.


Let Lady Lux Motivate the 2018 You

The New Year’s just begun and it’s not too late to make or break those resolutions of yours. Most of us make the resolution to get healthy and start working out. With all the holidays and the cold weather, it seems less important to be in shape and have that bikini body, but it’s always good to be in shape and look great. We’re here to motivate you, and remind you to stick to your resolution. We believe that the best motivation to stay in shape is a black swimsuit or a black maxi dress. Who doesn’t want to look great in some swimwear all year round, and everyone know that black is the most flattering color.

The Diamonds Monokini is the perfect motivation for you to reach you goals and look classy while doing it. This monokini is flattering, elegant, and trendy. With a plunging neckline and a gold choker, you will reach your goal and stun everyone at the pool in no time.

For any swimsuit you need a matching coverup, and the diamonds monokini has the perfect match, the Diamonds Maxi Dress! This dress is perfect as a coverup to any of your swimsuit, or for you to wear on a fancy date, Valentine’s day is just around the corner.

If you’re goal is to be bikini body ready by march, the Pillow Talk Bikini is your perfect motivation. This bikini will motivate you to get healthy, in shape, and bikini ready. You will no doubt stunn during spring break and you will have the summer bod months early.



A Happier You

The New Year always calls for resolutions and the majority of those have to do with health and fitness but those resolutions shouldn’t just revolve around your physical well being. Mental health is also extremely important and you can’t feel your best without a healthy mental outlook. So instead this year let’s try to focus on other resolutions like meeting new people, get a better night sleep, spend more time outside and watch less TV. We all know it’s easy to fall into bad habits but Lady Lux Swim is here for you and our bikinis will be sure to put a smile on your face.

Turn to our Good Vibrations Romper and feel sexy and flirty. This cute number will sure to make you smile whenever you look in the mirror and see your best self!

Try the Good Vibrations Triangle Bikini for a new look on life! This simple bikini will give you that flirty feeling while showing off your sexy curves! With a basic triangle shape this choice stands out for the fun tie dye pattern!

If you are more of a a strappy bikini kind of girl then the Good Vibrations Strappy Bikini is smiling back at ya! This fun two piece includes a strappy bottom with gold beads along with a fixed triangle top with multiple ties and a gold detail in the center.

Your resolutions will only work if you have the confidence in yourself to make those dreams a reality! Lady Lux is here to help! We are almost halfway through January so keep it up, we know you can keep to those resolutions for a happier you!