Lana Del Rey in Luxury Swimwear ♫ Got that Summertime, Summertime Style! ♪

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Lana Del Rey in Luxury Swimwear ♫ Got that Summertime, Summertime Style! ♪

Lana Del Rey is one of our most frequented artists we’ve been listening to this summer. Her songs are so catchy with cool beats and soulful singing, it’s no wonder she’s gaining many more new fans every day. Her songs like “Summertime Sadness” have skyrocketed to the top of the charts, and she was just nominated for the 2014 VMAs for one of her music videos. Lana Del Rey also has great style! This vixen loves to work the vintage look and always looks classy, yet playful. Lana, like any beauty, would love to slip on some sexy luxury swimwear! We have some special swimwear choices that would fit this gorgeous singer and her fans who adore her look!


Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Lana Del Rey in Ride Like the Wind Bikini


Lana Del Rey has got amazing fashion sense that is reminiscent of a classic vintage beauty, or a pin-up girl. Sometimes her style can look very “Americana”, wearing a t-shirt tucked into some high-waisted shorts or “Blue Jeans” (the title of one of her songs!) The Ride Like the Wind bikini would be a good fit for Lana since the floral and the blue denim on the bottoms fits that Americana style. An example of Lana looking very Americana is the picture of her from her 70′s photoshoot. She’s wearing jeans and is adorned by pretty blue flowers just like the flowers in our designer swimwear, Ride Like the Wind. The flowers also remind us of the flower crowns Lana wears. She’s made wearing a flower crown very popular, making girls everywhere want to rock the look. We think Lana wearing the Ride Like the Wind bikini would be a much-loved look by everyone as well!



Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Lana Del Rey in Indian Summer Bikini


Although Lana is very stylish and loves to dress in vintage-inspired clothing, she doesn’t shy away from bright color! She can stand out in whatever she wears just by flaunting some funky colors, like in the photos of her wearing colorful outfits. That’s why the Indian Summer bikini would fit nicely with Lana’s wardrobe. It’s got plenty of color with its warm hues mixed with aqua, that would go well with her ivory skin, warm reddish hair and colored eyes. The tie-dye print of the Indian Summer would also vibe well with Lana’s personal style, since she has rocked several 70′s-inspired looks and has also wore a tie-dye dress on stage. Don’t be afraid of wearing lots of color like Lana, especially when it’s incorporated into such a pretty suit as the Indian Summer!


Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Lana Del Rey in Strawberry Shortcake Bikini


Vintage vixens like Lana are sexy, but also have a sweet look to them. The Strawberry Shortcake bikini has got that perfect mix of sweet n’ sexy! It features cute colors in light pink and green, and has adorable blue flowers. The cut of the suit has got sex appeal, while the bow and lace detailing adds in sweetness. Lana is pictured looking sassy in a pink-and-green floral romper that looks similar to the Strawberry Shortcake. She was also photographed in this same pink-and-green color scheme on the cover of Vogue! Wear some colorful bikinis and you’ll be looking like a unique, beautiful bombshell like Lana Del Rey!


What’s Your National Anthem in Luxury Swimwear for this Fourth of July?

Designer Swimwear Lana Del Rey Cover

Your National Anthem in Luxury Swimwear for this Fourth of July

We are very excited because Fourth of July is almost here! Lady Lux has been preparing for this epic red white and blue holiday this week by pulling our most patriotic luxury swimwear. To get us in the spirit we have picked our best red white and blue suits for the beautiful Lana Del Rey. This talented singer loves her stars and stripes making her our National Anthem.

Designer Swimwear Lost at Sea Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey in Lost at Sea Bikini

The first designer swimwear that we would love to see beauty Lana Del Rey in is the Lost at Sea bikini. This is one of our fave patriotic looks for Miss Lana Del Rey because everything from top to bottom on this bikini is so her style. Lana loves her stripes and this bikini is exactly that. It has red, white, and blue stripes on the bottoms and top. The shape of this bikini is a very sexy bustier style with ruffles. Lana Del Rey would agree that this bikini is a hit for any Fourth of July fun!

Designer Swimwear Rich Girl Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey in Rich Girl Bikini

Our next Fourth of July bikini that Lana Del Rey would definitely be caught in is the Rich Girl bikini in navy. Lana would for sure sing the national anthem in this sexy swimwear. Lana Del Rey is just such a babe in navy blue so that’s why expect nothing less for her with this all navy blue bikini. But also this bikini is just so stylish with its chic embellishment of rhinestones on the neck and hip that will make everyone do a double take. This bikini is no plain Jane and is just a must for this summer holiday.

Designer Swimwear Red Hot Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey in Red Hot Bikini

Our last 4th of July bikini that we picked for the artist Lana Del Rey is one of our hottest suits. Yes that’s right we are talking about our fave swimwear Red Hot.  But we are talking about the Red Hot bikini in white. It is impossible to have summer sadness in this bikini because you will have all the boys chasing you in this bikini at your 4th of July bash. This all white bikini is very glam with its own stunning rhinestones on the neck and hips. Lana Del Rey would be glowing in Hollywood glam all Fourth of July in the Red Hot bikini in white.