Celebs Vacationing in Ibiza in Luxury Swimwear

Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Celebs Vacationing in Ibiza in Luxury Swimwear

Summer time for many of us is party time or vacation time! It’s no doubt that celebrities love to take their summers to the next level and are always vacationing and partying it up. The latest vacation spot that lots of stars are visiting is an island in Eastern Spain called Ibiza. Celebs like Paris Hilton, Cassie, and Michelle Rodriguez are having a blast on party island Ibiza! We take a look at their luxury swimwear looks, bikinis that are hot enough to take on a gorgeous island to have fun and let loose. Don’t forget to bring your favorite designer swimwear whether you’re relaxing on your next vacay or having fun at the beach!


Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Paris Hilton in Gold Digger Bikini


One of the biggest celebs that have called attention to Ibiza as a major club and party hub is Paris Hilton. She’s doing it big in the Spanish island, hosting and DJing at a huge club every week. She’s even starting her own club in Ibiza, so we know the heiress Hilton has got lots of luxury bikinis to wear while she’s spending time at the island. She was frequently spotted in black bikinis while in Ibiza, which is why we think the Gold Digger bikini would be perfect for her or any other chick that wants to look super glam in a swimsuit. The Gold Digger is a black bandeau bikini that has plenty of pizzazz with its gold embellishments with embedded rhinestones. It’s perfect for a glamorous party girl like Paris, or any girl that wants a sexy bikini that’s ready for the beach or pool party.


Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Cassie in Red Hot Bikini in Red


R&B singer Cassie has also been vacationing in Ibiza with her boyfriend Diddy. The couple have been spotted together looking very happy while cruising the island. Cassie wore many stunning bikinis while on vacation, including a classic bright red swimsuit. Be a hottie like Cassie in a sexy red suit like the Red Hot. The Red Hot bikini is for the girl that wants to go bold and be seen in a suit that’s got the sex appeal turned way on. Cassie would adore the Red Hot since she’s always out looking sultry. The vivid color and rhinestones of this suit will give you the look of a confident girl who’s a go-getter in a hot bikini!


Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Michelle Rodriguez in Jet Set Ready Bikini


Michelle Rodriguez, Hollywood actress and recent flame of Zac Efron, has been jet-setting to Ibiza many times this summer. She’s usually out with Zac, since they’ve been said to be in a “summer fling” together. Michelle was seen hanging out in a striped bikini and her bod looked amazing! She should try out another striped bikini with a bit more color and interest to bring even more attention to her sculpted body. The Jet Set Ready bikini has got black and white stripes like Michelle’s suit, with the addition of red and pale yellow for a more unique striped pattern. The circular rings and tie-strings add to the appeal of this cute swimsuit. This summer, look like a star hitting the luxurious island of Ibiza in some dazzling designer swimsuits!


Stars Vacationing this Summer in Luxury Swimwear

Designer Swimwear celeb vacation cover

Stars Vacationing in Luxury Swimwear

We are officially in the middle of the summer season. This has got us thinking what has everybody been up to for summer fun. Celebs have been vacationing all summer long from the island hopping in Hawaii to basking on the beautiful coast of Italy. However, what we can’t help but to notice is the designer swimwear these stars have been wearing on their summer vacays are hotter than the rays from the sun. This summer planning a getaway is not just all about the where but the what to bring. So today we are going to take a sneak peek into the luggage of the trendiest celebs.

Desigenr Swimwear Eva Longoria Rich Girl

Eva Longoria in Rich Girl Bikini

Our first star is the smoking hot Eve Longoria. She was caught yachting in Marbella. Of course she brought along her luxury swimwear. She chose an all white bikini to layout in on the sun deck. To accessorize with this bikini she kept it simple yet classy with tinted shades. To have this glamour yachting look for yourself check out the Rich Girl bikini in white. This all white bikini is so chic and will have you looking Hollywood glam this summer.

Designer Swimwear Rock The Boat Lea Michelle

Lea Michelle in Rock the Boat Bikini

Our next star spent her summer vacay in Mexico. Lea Michele Instagramed a very fun pic of her on the beaches of Mexico holding a surfboard. This very talented actress and single is also a surfer girl. So what did she bring to Mexico other than a surf board. She brought a very cute bikini with a pink, blue, and white pattern. She also brought a pair of wayfarer sunglasses. This summer fun look has us thinking about Rock the Boat bikini. This look is great for a day at the beach with its fun pattern that Lea would love to ride a wave in!

Designer Swimwear Tainted Love Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez in Tainted Love Bikini

Our last summer vacationer that kept it styling on her getaway is actress Michelle Rodriguez. She usually plays the role of a tough chic but this summer she is letting her hair down and showing her loving side. She traveled to Sardinia, Italy with her hottie boyfriend Zac Effron. These two went boating and were caught kissing many times on their little love boat. Michelle Rodriguez wanted to keep it sexy for her man with a black bikini. This black bikini is a perfect match for the Tainted Love bikini. We just know that Michelle and Zach would both love this look for their romantic getaway in Italy.