Get Beachy Waves that are Perfect to Wear with Luxury Swimwear!

Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Get Beachy Waves that are Perfect to Wear with Luxury Swimwear!

Before the summer’s at its end, perfect your glamorous beachy waves look! Everyone adores the beach wave hairstyle, that gets its name from the natural waves your hair creates after its been exposed to the salty air and ocean from the beach. Lots of stylish gals have taken to trying to recreate the effortless-looking waves off the beach. You can rock this look anywhere, but it especially looks great paired with some luxury swimwear! We will show you how you can achieve the beachy waves look and some beautiful designer swimwear styles that look great with this hairstyle.


Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Britney Spears and Paris Hilton in Call Me Maybe Bikini


There are many ways to get beachy waves, but we will talk about the easiest ways that don’t require heat! Yes, it’s obvious you can get waves by curling your hair then tousling with your fingers for that messy look. However, heat is damaging and during the summer our hair already takes a beating from the sun and the chlorine or ocean water we expose it to. Creating heatless beachy waves will only work for ladies with straight hair. If your hair is naturally curly, you will have to use a straightener, blow dryer and round brush to achieve looser curls. For curly girls, we say you should save your hair from the heat and styling and rock your natural curls at the beach! You’ve already got envy-worthy curls! In the next sections, we will go over the methods to get wavy beach hair for straight-hair gals. For now, check out the wavy, beach-ready hair on celebs Britney Spears and Paris Hilton! Their blonde wavy locks look cute with their white bikinis, and our bikini choice to achieve the same look is the Call Me Maybe bikini. Look super flirty wearing the Call Me Maybe with some sexy beachy hair!


Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Tyra Banks and Lauren Conrad in Rich Girl Bikini in Mint


One of the easiest ways to get beachy waves is to wet your hair, part it into two sections then twist it together. You can also braid your hair or put it in a bun. Tie off the hair then let it dry, either overnight while you’re asleep or for the majority of the day. You can do this after you get out of the shower or simply wet your hair with some water and your hands or a spray bottle. It’ll work even better if you add in a curling cream or a texturizing spray such as one specifically meant for beachy waves that includes sea salt as an ingredient. Or, look up a DIY sea salt spray for the same effect. Once the hair is dry, untie your hair and tousle it with your fingers. (Tousle your hair upside-down, then flip back up again for extra volume!) Scrunch up the hair with your fingers then you can finish off with some hairspray or more texturizer. Voila! Beachy waves that look like Tyra Banks or Lauren Conrad’s hair as they wear their fab mint bikinis. Mint is a gorgeous color for a bikini, why is why we would love to wear our hair all pretty and wavy in the Rich Girl Bikini in mint!


Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Eva Longoria and Kim Kardashian in Strawberry Shortcake Bikini


Most methods on getting beachy waves include manipulating the hair while its wet into some sort of twist or curl then letting it loose once the waves have set. If you try to search for a way to do heatless waves, you’ll come across girls using everything from straws and rolled up magazine paper to curl it, or bobby pins to pin it up into curls. The bobby-pin method works well. With your fingers, simply roll small or medium-sized sections (depending on how big you want your curls) of your dampened hair into a curl, then pin it up with a bobby pin. Your whole head of hair should be pinned up. Once it’s dry and it’s been a couple of hours, let it loose. The same idea can be done but with a headband! Grab a stretchy headband that goes all the way around the head, put it on and roll sections of your hair up and into the headband. Twist the sections up and around the headband, working from one side of your head to the other, until your hair’s off your neck and secured by the headband. You may need bobby pins to secure the hair further. Again, go to sleep or wait many hours until you can let your hair down. Once you’ve achieved beachy waves, you won’t be able to wait to wear an adorable swimsuit like the Strawberry Shortcake bikini. This floral-patterned bikini looks even better with a cute hairstyle like beachy waves. Eva Longoria and Kim Kardashian are always wearing their hair in waves, and they look so darling in their floral suits! Any way you achieve your beachy waves, look amazing wearing your hair wavy in some luxury bikinis!

Miami Trend Report: Be Seen in Stripes and Chevron Luxury Swimwear

Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Miami Trend Report: Be Seen in Stripes and Chevron Luxury Swimwear

Miami is a city known for its amazing swimwear fashion, and this summer trendy swim styles like stripes and chevron have been a hit! Look flat out fabulous in luxury swimwear in these hot prints. You’ll be one of the most fashionable bikini babes to hit the beach or boardwalk in some bold stripes or super cute chevron. Celebs like Miley Cyrus, Beyonce and Paris Hilton have been caught looking stunning in these luxury prints. Wearing striped or chevron patterned designer swimwear will have you looking like a trendy hot mama in Miami!


Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Lea Michele and Miley Cyrus in Jet Set Ready Bikini


Stripes are always in style, it’s an eye-catching print that you will always see on the runway. It’s so easy to go for some stripes when you’re in the mood for a print, they are classic and look good on anyone! The Jet Set Ready bikini is loaded with stripes in colors that are bold yet easy to wear. Black, white and red is a chic color combo! Miley Cyrus and Lea Michele’s looks incorporate these three colors elegantly. The Jet Set Ready completes its playful striped look with silver plated rings and black strings. Get gorgeous in this bold printed bikini!


Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Paris Hilton and Beyonce in Rock the Boat Bikini


Chevron is a pattern similar to stripes, but with a unique detail of stripes in a V-pattern. We have been seeing this pattern everywhere lately and it’s just too cute to miss! The Rock the Boat bikini features the trendy chevron print in lovely summer-ready colors like pinks, purples and oranges. This bikini will have you looking sexy yet so stylish, and will turn all the compliments your way. Paris Hilton and Beyonce are definitely into the chevron craze as they incorporate it into their fabulous outfits. Get in on the summer trend and wear the crazy-adorable Rock the Boat chevron bikini!


Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Olivia Wilde and Kourtney Kardashian in American Girl Bikini


Our other chevron bikini is a popular hit: the American Girl bikini. This suit’s top is in a nautical navy-and-white chevron pattern with a solid navy bottom. We love the look of the solid-colored bottom paired with the pattern top. It’s different, without compromising “super cute”! Rock the bold navy-and-white pattern like Olivia Wilde and Khloe Kardashian. The pattern obviously makes the outfit! Sport some of the most popular looks on the Miami swimwear scene and wear a striped or chevron pattern bikini!

Celebs Vacationing in Ibiza in Luxury Swimwear

Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Celebs Vacationing in Ibiza in Luxury Swimwear

Summer time for many of us is party time or vacation time! It’s no doubt that celebrities love to take their summers to the next level and are always vacationing and partying it up. The latest vacation spot that lots of stars are visiting is an island in Eastern Spain called Ibiza. Celebs like Paris Hilton, Cassie, and Michelle Rodriguez are having a blast on party island Ibiza! We take a look at their luxury swimwear looks, bikinis that are hot enough to take on a gorgeous island to have fun and let loose. Don’t forget to bring your favorite designer swimwear whether you’re relaxing on your next vacay or having fun at the beach!


Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Paris Hilton in Gold Digger Bikini


One of the biggest celebs that have called attention to Ibiza as a major club and party hub is Paris Hilton. She’s doing it big in the Spanish island, hosting and DJing at a huge club every week. She’s even starting her own club in Ibiza, so we know the heiress Hilton has got lots of luxury bikinis to wear while she’s spending time at the island. She was frequently spotted in black bikinis while in Ibiza, which is why we think the Gold Digger bikini would be perfect for her or any other chick that wants to look super glam in a swimsuit. The Gold Digger is a black bandeau bikini that has plenty of pizzazz with its gold embellishments with embedded rhinestones. It’s perfect for a glamorous party girl like Paris, or any girl that wants a sexy bikini that’s ready for the beach or pool party.


Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Cassie in Red Hot Bikini in Red


R&B singer Cassie has also been vacationing in Ibiza with her boyfriend Diddy. The couple have been spotted together looking very happy while cruising the island. Cassie wore many stunning bikinis while on vacation, including a classic bright red swimsuit. Be a hottie like Cassie in a sexy red suit like the Red Hot. The Red Hot bikini is for the girl that wants to go bold and be seen in a suit that’s got the sex appeal turned way on. Cassie would adore the Red Hot since she’s always out looking sultry. The vivid color and rhinestones of this suit will give you the look of a confident girl who’s a go-getter in a hot bikini!


Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Michelle Rodriguez in Jet Set Ready Bikini


Michelle Rodriguez, Hollywood actress and recent flame of Zac Efron, has been jet-setting to Ibiza many times this summer. She’s usually out with Zac, since they’ve been said to be in a “summer fling” together. Michelle was seen hanging out in a striped bikini and her bod looked amazing! She should try out another striped bikini with a bit more color and interest to bring even more attention to her sculpted body. The Jet Set Ready bikini has got black and white stripes like Michelle’s suit, with the addition of red and pale yellow for a more unique striped pattern. The circular rings and tie-strings add to the appeal of this cute swimsuit. This summer, look like a star hitting the luxurious island of Ibiza in some dazzling designer swimsuits!

Party On This Summer in Luxury Swimwear

Designer Swimwear Party Cover

Party in Luxury Swimwear

With only two more weeks left in July we are desperately wishing for an endless summer. However, the last weeks of summer is always packed full of days at the beach and parties at the pool. That’s why we want to make sure that everyone has their designer swimwear ready to be the life of the party. We have picked three of our fave bikini styles to party in for the rest of the summer. We got celebs like Paris Hilton, Taylor Swift,  and Katy Perry who are known to be party animals themselves rocking our fave summer time looks for that wild pool party for the end of the summer bash!

Designer Swimwear Gold Digger Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton in Gold Digger Monokini

The first must have luxury swimwear that you are going to want in your closet is the Gold Digger monokini. This black monokini is ultra sexy with its rhinestone center. The Gold Digger monokini is a perfect look for any summertime festivity, daytime or evening. Paris Hilton wore a black monokini while having a great time with Amber Rose and other friends at a beach side bash.

Designer Swimwear Tainted Love Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift in Tainted Love Bikini

Our next striking bikini look worthy to celebrate this summer in the Tainted Love bikini. This black bikini is truly a stunner with its gold chain on the neck and hips. The Tainted Love bikini will be the talk of the cabana at a wildly fun pool party in Vegas. You might think that America’s sweet heart Taylor Swift is totally innocent but we caught her partying with a black nude illusion dress and a bottle of Champaign. So that’s how we know that Taylor Swift would totally rock the Tainted Love bikini with a sexy red lip.

Designer Swimwear Red Hot Katy Perry

Katy Perry in Red Hot Bikini

The last bikini style that will have the lime light on you at any summer bash is the Red Hot bikini in white. This all white bikini with rhinestones on the neck and hips is a showstopper. Everybody will have their eyes on you with this hit of a bikini on. Katy Perry would definitely agree because she wore a similar style with a gold rhinestone dress. She became the life of the party and even started DJing with Ellie Goulding, and Lorde.

Celebrities Sailing Away in Luxury Swimwear

Designer Swimwear Yacht Cover

Celebrities in Luxury Swimwear

It’s always been true that the rich and the famous choose to spend their summers yachting to tropical paradises around the word. This summer has been no exception. Some of our fave stars have been caught on some pretty awesome yachts wearing styling designer swimwear.  Hop aboard the Lady Lux yacht with us for our own boating adventure to take a sneak peak on what fashionistas like Hayden Panettiere, Paris Hilton, and Rihanna have packed in their Lois Vuitton suitcases for their chic voyage.


Designer Swimwear Rich Girl Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere in Rich Girl Bikini

Our first babe enjoying the seas is Hayden Panettiere. She went yachting with some of her friends in Cannes on the French Riviera. For this relaxing and lux getaway she chose a solid two pieces luxury swimwear  in a very trendy green color with her hair up in a high pony tail with some oversize shades. For this French Riviera look we pulled the Rich Girl bikini in mint. The Rich Girl bikini stays true to this bikini look with its solid mint color and gold chain ties making you look ultra chic.

Designer Swimwear Red Hot Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton in Red Hot Bikini


Our next blonde babe that we sailed away with was the hot Hilton heiress Paris Hilton. Paris went yachting in Rio de Janerio, Brazil with her love (& total cutie) Doug Reinhardt and friends to enjoy some sun. Paris looked like she just walked out of the cover of Vogue. Paris chose an all white bikini with white shorts, a white oversized hat with a black trim, big white-framed sunglasses, a chunky silver necklace, and an all black hand bag. For this yachting glam look we had to pick the Red Hot bikini in white.  This bikini is Paris Hilton glam with its rhinestone embellishments on the neck and hips. All together this look is very sharp and straight from Vogue!


Designer Swimwear Gold Digger Rihanna

Rihanna in Gold Digger Monokini

The last yachting look that we love comes from our fave bad girl Rihanna. Ri Ri started her mega yachting vacay with some shots with friends in France. Ri was looking like a sexy bad ass in a black monokini, a backwards snapback, red lips and matching red nails, black Ray Bans wayfarers, and a gold bracelet and gold necklace with diamond earrings. For this rock star look we give you the Gold Digger monokini in black. The Gold Digger monokini is one sexy look that will bring out your inner party girl for a good time.