Channeling Summer in November

The sky is overcast, leaves are falling, and most of your days are spent inside. Summer is long gone, and we cannot wait for those sunny skies to come back. Even though we are staying away from summer activities, it does not mean our wardrobe has to. While you are spending those cold nights relaxing in your hot tub, your swimwear can channel a sunnier day. Lady Lux has the perfect collection of pink bikinis and navy bikinis to reflect all of your favorite summer activities.

Obviously our summer days were spent working on our tans at the beach and splashing each other in the waves. Right now, the weather is chilly and we have to wear a sweater if we decide to venture out for a day at the beach. For feeling those beachy  vibes, we love the Sea Side Siren Navy Bikini. This strappy number is super sexy, and the color reminds us of the ocean under the warm sun. Feel like a summer goddess in this gorgeous suit.

One of our favorite summer activities is attending the county fair. We love all the junk food, attractions, and screaming our heads off on rickety roller coasters.  These summer nights made us feel like summer was never ending. To remind us of these magical fair days we love the Viva Vegas Pink Chain & Rhinestone Bikini. This pink suit reminds us of cotton candy, and sherbet sunsets covering the sky as a wonderful day at the fair ended.

Some of our favorite summer memories have been sailing along the sea. We love gliding over the water, while sunbathing on the deck with a drink in our hands. To reminisce about these relaxing summer days we love the Rich & Pretty Navy Bikini. This gorgeous navy swimsuit makes us feel as if we are sitting under a sunny sky watching the waves.

So even though summer seems far away, your swimsuits do not have to reflect the weather. Channel your summer vibes with Lady Lux’s fun beachy swimwear.


Falling for fall getaways

It’s October and you are stressed out. You have been working hard during these cold and drafty days and you need a break. We totally get that, and what better way to relax than visit some gorgeous spas. So get ready to grab your swimsuits and head to some amazing hot springs so you can unwind and feel rejuvenated. And you do not have to worry, Lady Lux has the perfect collection of strappy bikinis and luxury swimwear so you will look ultra fab on your amazing getaways.

You are ready to jet out of here, and go somewhere new and exotic. Travel to Iceland’s Blue Lagoon geothermal spa. Get ready to experience the steamy, nutrient rich water full of amazing health benefits. While you sit and relax, look sexy and confident in the Sea Side Siren Navy Bikini. You will look and feel gorgeous in this stunning strappy suit, and from the healing powers of these famous waters.

If the Blue Lagoon is not exotic enough for you, then you will absolutely love the hot springs of Pamukkale in Turkey. This geological wonder translates to “Cotton Castle”, and it is easy to see why. These white waters are known for their healing properties, and ancient ruins. While you are relaxing in this gorgeous location, be seen in the Pillow Talk White Strappy Bikini. This gorgeous suit features a wild print and sexy strappy detail. You will look like a goddess as you heal and relax in this amazing location.

The most exotic location we can recommend is the Beitou Hot Springs in Taiwan. These hot springs are known to tourists and locals. There are numerous options at this gorgeous hot spring ranging from large outdoor pools to traditional spa services. Look like a dream in this amazing jungle setting in the Tropical Affair Fringe Kimono.

You will come back looking rejuvenated and fabulous after relaxing in these stunning hot springs. So grab your swimsuits and swimwear, and take a break from fall to give yourself some “me time”.


Costume Inspirations for Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, and we know you are stressing. You have no idea how you are going to top your fabulous costume from last year. Don’t worry, Lady Lux has you covered with some amazing ideas for this year’s costume. So throw away those cat ears, because this year, you will not be basic. Lady Lux has an array of sexy bikinis, and designer swimwear to create the perfect costume.

We know you want to look hot for Halloween. You have been working out every day and now you want to celebrate your success with a sexy costume. Look no further than the Bae Watch Strappy Monokini. We can think of nothing sexier for your Halloween festivities than this sexy one piece. So grab your sunglasses and life preserver and get ready to run in slow motion to all of your Halloween parties.

We get it, some of you want a glamorous show stopping look for this Halloween. Then you are going to love the Goddess of Lux White Maxi Dress. You are going to look like a Greek Goddess in this striking look. Lighting will strike in this white hot look. Pair this stunning look with a laurel wreath and gold bangle, and the Gods will be at your mercy.

Maybe you are looking to shake your groove thing this Halloween. Then you are going to love the Good Vibrations Romper. This tie-dyed romper is perfect for any Halloween celebration.  With a deep plunge and bell bottom sleeves, you are going to be a superstar at any Halloween bash you attend. Pair this dazzling look with a giant peace sign, Lennon sunglasses, and lots and lots of fringe. With the right accessories, you will shine as a flower power princess.

This Halloween will be one to remember, because no one will be able to forget how amazing you looked.


Spice Up Your Wardrobe!

Do you want to make your wardrobe “Hot, Hot Hot”?! Show your confidence and rock one of our red bikinis, monokinis, or even one of our sexy maxi dresses! These versatile and bright pieces will add some flavor to your closet! Get ready to totally spice up your wardrobe with these sexy Lady Lux must-haves!
One of our absolute favorites is the Rich & Pretty Red Bikini. This suit, with its sexy rhinestone ring embellishments, can be paired perfectly with the Haute Hanna Gold Body Chain to make it even better! If you are wanting to spice up your bikini selection, this red hot bikini will most definitely do the trick! Keep it spicy n sassy!
Our favorite trend right now is the monokini. It is totally in this summer and we just can’t resist our Bae Watch Monokini! You will be irresistibly HOT in this strappy, sassy monokini. Own the color and rock this unique look anywhere you go with your girlfriends! If you’re wanting a little more spice in your life, pair it with the Rachael Body Chain and the Marilyn Black Beach Hat for a stunning ensemble.
Another red hot piece we are obsessed with is the Goddess Of Lux Maxi Dress. The plunge neckline, cut outs, and gold belt make this dress chic, yet completely sexy. This classy look coupled with a cute pair of sandals or heels will have you feeling like a hot tamale out on the town! Everyone looks good in red so don’t be afraid to add this flavorful dress to your wardrobe!
A final piece of advice for our favorite red hot Lady Lux ladies: Show your confidence, rock the red, and most importantly spice it up, girls!! Hot, Hot, Hot in red! XO

Superheroes and Swimwear

This summer every blockbuster hit seems to be superheroes saving the world.  We are obsessed with the new Wonder Woman movie, and we love that this badass superhero is a woman kicking ass and saving the world. This summer we are inspired by female superheroes, and so is our swimwear. Here at Ladylux we have some tantalizing red bikinis and strappy bikinis to channel your inner superhero.

Of course, our first focus is on the wonderful Diana – an Amazon sent to protect mankind. There have been countless Wonder Woman’s on screen, but we cannot stop talking about how fierce Gal Gadot portrayed Wonder Woman. We love the new take on her outfit, and to channel this fierce look we recommend the Rich and Pretty Red Bikini. We love this sexy red hot bikini with rhinestone embellishments. Feel ready to have justice on your side with this gorgeous swimsuit.

If you are not ready to be on the side of Justice, there are plenty of antiheros to channel this summer. We are infatuated with Margot Robbie’s twisted version of Harley Quinn. She is deliciously evil, but you can’t help but love her in Suicide Squad. To dress like  this bad girl we love the Sea Side Siren Navy Bikini. We suggest switching out her famous baseball bat for a cute beach tote this summer. In this outfit, you can practice your evil laughs, and look confident at your days tanning at the beach.

If you want to be on the side of good, but want a sensual look we suggest Black Widow. We love Scarlett Johansson as this sexy and strong character.  We love her skin tight black suit that she dons to fight crime. If you are in love with this look as much as we are, you will definitely want to be inspired by this dark hero this summer. The Chella Babe Black Fringe Bikini with fringe crochet detail and criss cross back, is the perfect swimsuit to suit up in and take on the summer!

Whether you want to be on the side of justice or you need to channel your favorite Anti-hero, Lady lux has the perfect swimwear to kickass this summer!