Perfect Day For Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear


Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Hey there, beach babe! You’ve been working hard lately. You deserve a day off to enjoy the things you love, and ultimately have the PERFECT day! While wearing luxury swimwear, of course! We planned out how to spend your day off while enjoying the beauties in life. So sit back, relax, throw on a designer bikini and take this day!


Perfect Lady Lux Designer Swimsuits

Wake up early. So simple, yet changes the whole vibe of your day! Waking up early not only allows you to get more done, but you have time to go to the gym! The gym is the perfect stress reliever. After the gym, go home and get ready to hit the beach! It feels like a floral kind of day.. Grab your Garden of Lux floral bikini!


Sexy Luxury Rompers, Swimwear, and Cover-Ups

You head to the beach town in your Garden of Lux romper with your matching bikini underneath. You grab a yummy fruit smoothie and start exploring the local beach shops. Everyone compliments you on your romper, obviously! You gaze out the window to see the sun coming out…time for the beach!!


Designer Animal skin Maxi Dress And Luxury Cover-Ups

After tanning and enjoying the waves for a while, you decide to head home to take a long bubble bath. You throw on your Garden of Lux kimono for the ride home. Your friends call you and invite you to dinner at your favorite restaurant! Perfect time to wear your Viper snakeskin maxi dress!! You then have had the perfect day in Lady Lux!


Three Times a Charm…Rihanna’s Vogue Covers inspire our Luxury Swimwear Picks

Rihanna Designer Swimwear Inspiration

                                        Rihanna Designer Swimwear Inspiration

As you can probably guess by now, we’re slightly obsessed with Rihanna. But it seems as though we’re not the only ones! US Vogue is featuring the always sexy singer as their March 2014 cover girl, making this her third US Vogue Cover. With songs that are always stuck in our heads and a style that always turns heads, Rihanna is the ultimate pick for #WomanCrushWednesday.

Rihanna Vogue 2011 Deisgner Swimwear Inspo

Rihanna in Lady Lux Jessie’s Girl

Rihanna graced her first Vogue Cover back in April 2011 for the magazine’s 10th annual “Shape Issue.” RhiRhi showed off her famous curves in a gorgeous floral Chanel Pre-Fall 2011 number. Inspired by how stunning she looked in the gown, one of today’s Designer Swimwear picks also features a floral print. Get the look and rock your shape like Rhi with the Jessie’s Girl style. With a ruffled bandeau top and matching leather ties on the top and bottom, the Jessie’s Girl is the perfect amount of feminine and flirty.


Rihanna Vogue 2012 Designer Swimwear Inspiration

Rihanna in Lady Lux Red Hot Bikini

The November 2012 Issue marked Rihanna’s second Vogue Cover. Rhi rocked Valentino, and looked striking in the company’s classic red hue. Copy her look with the Red Hot style in red. This Luxury Swimwear style features rhinestone hardware and comes in red and white. You’re sure to, like Rihanna, love having fun in this style.

Rihanna Vogue 2014 Designer Swimwear Inspo

Rihanna in Lady LUx Gold Digger Monokini

Rihanna is Vogue’s latest Cover Girl for the March 2014 Issue. We’re obsessed with the Louis Vuitton sequin top she’s sporting, and think she looks absolutely dazzling throughout the spread. You can dazzle like Rihanna in the Gold Digger Monokini style. The style includes a sexy plunge neck, which is complimented with center and side gold rhinestone hardware. Shine bright like diamond in this Designer Swimwear.