Luxury Swimwear Selena Style

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Luxury Swimwear Selena Style

If there is one celebrity that has style its Selena Gomez.  She is young, trendy, and loves swimwear!  We have taken some of our favorite looks on the super star singer/actress to show you some rocking designer swimwear looks!  Selena is one of the most stylish young women on the scene right now so whatever she is wearing we want too!  Our three favorite looks on her are sliming, bright, and bold, perfect for anyone trying to look fab in a bikini!

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Selena Gomez in Tainted Love Bikini

Selena started off as a child actress on Disney Chanel’s Wizard’s of Waverly Place and quickly excelled onto becoming a sophisticated singer and pop icon.  Her new mature look really comes out on the red carpet where she loves to wear uniquely cut black gowns.  The look is classic yet ultra-sexy and is perfect for almost any occasion.  We think that Selena would die for our Tainted Love luxury swimwear bikini.  The gold details on the black suit are on point for exactly what Selena usually wears out!

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Selena Gomez in Sugar Rush Bikini

Though she has grown into a gorgeous young woman, Selena still exudes youth in bright colors.  We love when Selena wears bright mint and turquoise colors that exhibit her playful personality and fashion sense.  It is important to keep style fresh with fun colors just like Selena does so well, especially in the Spring and Summer seasons!  Our Sugar Rush bikini is a great color and cut that we think would look incredible on Selena.  Gold ring details really make the suit pop in any setting!

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Selena Gomez in Hot Stuff Bikini

Lastly, we fall in love whenever Selena works it in purple strapless!  Her hip style is taken to the max when she wears this trendy color on the red carpet, at the beach, or even during a photo shoot. She always looks luxurious while in this color which is great for almost any season of the year.  The color accentuates the olive tone in Selena’s hair and skin, while also giving her an incredible glow!  She looks extra spectacular in strapless styles that show off her small frame and slim arms.  We think our Hot Stuff bikini would be an amazing fit on Selena.  The bold color purple and gold detail on the bust make the bikini interesting and cool.

Sexy Swimwear for Your Next Vacay

Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Sexy Swimwear for Your Next Vacay

In case you’re planning on taking a vacation this summer, don’t forget to pack your favorite luxury swimwear! With so many styles to choose from, pack something light and breezy you could wear while enjoying the warm weather. Celebrities going on vacation this year are going for swimwear styles like classic white, animal print and floral print. Young Hollywood stars like Bella Thorne, Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner are always stepping out in the latest fresh looks. Take a look at some similar designer swimwear styles in those same colors and prints to take with you out to the beach!


Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Bella Thorne in Call Me Maybe


Bella Thorne wears a white string bikini with colorful accents while vacationing in Miami. The Call Me Maybe bikini is also a string bikini in white. You can’t go wrong with chic white that matches everything! Pack this swimsuit with you and you won’t be at a loss of what to wear. The Call Me Maybe bikini is in a neutral white with tan strings but is accented with gold detailing for an extra dose of luxe.  You’ll get even more excited for your next vacation knowing you’ll have such a cute suit to wear!


Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Selena Gomez in Desert Rose


Selena Gomez is also seen vacationing in Miami, a popular celebrity vacation spot. This time, she’s looking ravishing in a zebra print bikini. If you’re looking for an animal print bikini to wear this summer, try the Desert Rose bikini for a sexy, daring look! This snake print bikini follows the animal print trend Selena is sporting with lots of touches of glam. It has gold embellishments and bright orange beads for a pop against the neutral color, very unique!  Selena Gomez’s zebra suit is also neutral; neutral bikinis are a great pick to bring on a vacation because they go with just about everything.


Lady Lux Luxury Swimwear

Kendall Jenner in Hello Gorgeous and Sweet Cheeks


Kendall Jenner picked a darling suit to wear on vacation in Greece. She’s wearing a ruffle floral monokini. This summer’s floral bikinis include the Sweet Cheeks and Hello Gorgeous bikinis. Sweet Cheeks is in a pastel green, a really cute color not found in a lot of other swimwear. Sport this color to stand out while not looking too bright. The floral pattern on Hello Gorgeous pops against its black background. If floral is your thing, opt for one of these gorgeous bikinis! The bikinis are a different style from Kendall Jenner’s monokini, but they’re no less extremely cute!

New Single Selena Gomez in Luxury Swimwear for this Summer

Designer Swimwear Selena Gomez Cover

Selena Gomez in Luxury Swimwear for the Summer

It- girl Selena Gomez has had one crazy year. However, this summer she has announced that she’s “taking my power back”. Her very public break up with Justin Bieber was a rough one. This summer Selena is going to forget all that Bieb’s drama and bring out her fun and flirty single side out. This summer fun is going to call for some hot designer swimwear. Lady Lux has picked three banging bathing suits for super star Selena Gomez.

Designer Swimwear Irresistible Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez in Irresistible

The first luxury swimwear that Selena Gomez would look so fab in is the Irresistible Bikini. This triangle  bikini has a blue and white snakeskin top with a teal bamboo center and gold hardware straps, that really is irresistible. We know that Selena would absolutely love this look because she was wearing a blue Oscar de la Renta top and white shorts with some Gucci snakeskin heels outfit at the Kid’s Choice Awards. The Irresistible Bikini is just what our girl Selena needs to start off her summer for the ultimate single life. She will have so much crazy fun in this exciting snakeskin number.

Designer Swimwear Tainted Love Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez in Tainted Love

The next bathing suit that we have picked out for the beautiful Selena Gomez is Tainted Love. This black bikini has a gold chain detail on the neck and hip. This bikini look is a guaranteed blowout. Everyone will have to do a double take. Selena will for sure be a bombshell when wearing Tainted Love. This statement is the ultimate power move. It will have her thinking Justin… who?

Designer Swimwear Red Hot Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez in Red Hot bikini

The last bikini that Selena would look smoken in is the Red Hot bikini. Selena Gomez loves to wear a hot shade of red. She has been spotted multiple times rocken red. That’s why the Red Hot bikini will be one sexy look for Selena.  This triangle bikini will really bring out Selena’s beautiful brown eyes and hair and her glowing tan. Selena will have a blast wearing this bikini either at the beach or a raging pool party. This bathing suit is definitely hot hot hot and not with Bieber fever.

Check Out this Summer’s Colors for Designer Swimwear

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Check Out this Summer’s Colors for Designer Swimwear

Kick start your summer with pops of playful colors. From pretty in pink to a brilliant turquoise or a deep magenta, highlight your natural glow with colorful designer swimwear. Your inner radiance will be beaming from every inch of your body. Celebs like Selena Gomez, Jessica Alba, and Hayden Panettiere know how to wear these colors to show off their radiant glow.

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Selena Gomez in Guilty Pleasure


Selena Gomez is a doll in her little pink dress. She looked, oh so, adorable at the teens choice awards wearing this light shade of pink. Pink brings out the natural beauty, while straying true to our flirty and girly side in all of us. This color is perfect to teasingly wear at the beach or a day at the pool. Our guilty Pleasure salmon color bikini is a one of a kind luxury swimwear. I think that Selena would definitely approve of this bikini.

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Jessica Alba in Sugar Rush

Jessica Alba looks absolutely flawless in turquoise and she knows it. Turquoise is one of the most brilliant blues out there that never goes out of style. Not only does it look great in a jewelry piece but, can also make a statement as the outfit itself.  This bright color can show off your tan, making everyone look twice. Try out Sugar Rush in a stunning turquoise. This sliding triangle bikini comes with gold hardware and matching side tie bottoms. This bikini is a summer must have to make your sun kissed skin beam.

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Hayden Panettiere in Hot Stuff

Hayden Panettiere rocks a magenta bikini while having fun in the sun. This shade of magenta brings out her beach babe blonde locks. Magenta is this summer’s sexiest purple. This color will have jaws dropping everywhere you go.  Our Hot Stuff magenta bandeau with gold rose hardware is spot on for this look. The Hot Stuff bandeau pairs with a matching bottom that has matching gold rose hardware with a shirred center back. Magenta will have your make your skin glow, while everyone is in frenzy!

“Come and Get” These Designer Swimwear Looks

Luxury Swimwear Come And Get Selena's Luxury Swimwear Look

Come And Get Selena’s Designer Swimwear Look

Singer, actress and model, what can’t this girl do? Selena Gomez has captured the world’s hearts with her jaw dropping looks, her sweet girl personality and her amazing talent. This young actress has impeccable style that can be continued into her swimwear look. Come and get these designer swimwear bikinis we know Selena would rock.

Luxury Swimwear Selena In American Girl

Selena In American Girl

Selena spiced up the cover of Elle wearing a vibrant red top and a pair of blue and white stripped high waisted pants.  Gomez displays the perfect image of an all around American girl in this ensemble. Carry over Selena’s sexy style in your luxury swimwear by rocking the American Girl bikini. The stripped navy blue and white bikini top is complimented with a brown leather buckle and gold hardware. The matching navy blue bottoms have a brown rope side tie and gold hardware that adds a fun touch to the bikini. You’ll feel like the girl next door wearing this bikini.  

Luxury Swimwear Selena In Jet Set Ready

Selena in Jet Set Ready

Our favorite spring breaker was recently seen sporting a red and white tribal print bikini. Capture the look with the sexy Jet Set Read bikini. The red, white and black stripped bikini is embellished with luxurious black and gold hardware both at the neck ties of the triangle top and on hip ties of the low rise bottoms. This suit rocks a shirred bikini bottom that gives a flattering effect. Strut your stuff while wearing this gorgeous bikini the next time you go to the pool!