Your Spring Break Hair Guide

Lady Lux Designer Swiwear

We have put the perfect guide for his season’s cutest and most effortless beach waves.

Spring break is all about laying in the sand, playing at the beach, and enjoying the afternoon with your friends. With the heat this spring, all you babes will want to do is embrace that beachy hair and salty locks. Match up these hairstyles with your bold and colorful Designer Swimwear! Remember that messy is key to the perfect beach hair, so there is no need to worry about a brush and just go with it! We have put the perfect guide for his season’s cutest and most effortless beach waves.

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

The mini top knot looks super trendy and it is a cute way to add a little fun to what is a classy hairstyle

It is so secret that every lady has been obsessing over the half-up half-down top knot. This is such an easy and fun hairstyle that will keep the hair out of your face. The mini top knot looks super trendy and it is a cute way to add a little fun to what is a classy hairstyle, and it goes without saying that it will look incredible with your Lady Lux Swimwear. Don’t bother slicking it all back, just go for it! Leave some pieces out and let the salt water give it that beach wave texture to it.

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Go for the California girl look and keep those beach waves all throughout the day!

Ah, this is our favorite, the easy and playful all-hair-down style. All you need for your hair to get the beach texture is…salt water! Easy one there. This is our favorite because you simply go for the California girl look and keep those beach waves all throughout the day. If it is a warm day, this is the perfect hairstyle to pair up with a fun beach hat, like the Audrey brim hat! Needless to say, this fun hairstyle goes great with a bikini such as the Lux Be A Lady Bikini’s bold print. Go for the bold look!

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

This is such an effortless and simple style that keep your hair up and out of your face

Our last hairstyle…BRAIDS! Spring and Summer is the best season to pull out those braid tricks you have been learning from Pinterest and YouTube. You can’t ever go wrong with a straight braid down your back, such an effortless and simple style that keep your hair up and out of your face. This season try something different, like a French or fishtail braid. Remember ladies, messiness is key. Salt water adds texture to the hair so let those wavy pieces fall out! For you fun and playful bikini babes, match up this hairstyle with the Hard to Get bikini in mint. Be bold and look cute and sexy all at once with these beachy hairstyles this season in your Luxury Swimwear! Go get ‘em, bikini babes.


The Three Sexy Lady Lux Pieces You Must Include on Your Spring Break Trip

Lady Lux swimwear is counting down the days til Spring Break—it couldn’t come fast enough.  Whether you’ll be partying at a club in Vegas, lounging by a pool in Miami, or soaking up the sun in the Barbados, we’ll help you figure out which designer Lady Lux pieces to pack for your sexiest spring break ever. Pretty pinks and bright colors are perfect for spring and will look super fresh on any beach babe.


Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Look as fresh as spring in these pretty Lady Lux pieces.

Hard To Get

Our Hard To Get bikini is perfect for spring in a beautiful Mint or Aqua color. This bright color is the best way to stand out on the beach. It’s fun and feminine with gorgeous gold detailing. This sexy bikini is definitely a staple piece for Spring 2015 and a must pack for your perfect vacation.


Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Match the water in a gorgeous Mint or Aqua Hard to Get Lady Lux bikini.

Spring Fling

The name says it all, beach babes! You can’t go wrong with this super flirty pink bikini. It’s the perfect color for spring 2015 and a must have for the season. This pretty floral color is tried and true for spring and will beautiful on any skin tone.


Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Look perfect in pink in the sexy Spring Fling Lady Lux bikini.


Sweet Talker

If you love pink, but aren’t quite feeling an all pink bikini or are interested in a sexy pattern, this is the perfect girly girl/cool girl mix. Lady Lux sells this flirty and fun pattern as a triangle top bikini, a bandeau bikini, a monokini,  a lounge pant, a tunic and a maxi dress so the options are endless. Like the other styles mentioned, the Sweet Talker line also features beautiful detailing. You’re guaranteed to feel like the most luxurious beach babe ever in your Lady Lux pieces.


Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

The girly Sweet Talker line is absolutely perfect for spring 2015.


Stay on Trend with Lady Lux

Spring is in full bloom! If you’re like us, you like to stay on top of all of the hottest trends of the season. There were so many trends we saw on the runways this season that we loved! Those trends are starting to pop up in stores across the country- and we want to show you how to incorporate them into your Lady Lux look!


First Trend: Florals.

Florals are feminine, classic, and timeless. It seems as if they come up on every spring runway from year to year, but we’re not complaining! They’re so easy to incorporate into your look! If you’re feeling bold, you can go head-to-toe like this Ralph Lauren dress as shown on the runway. Otherwise, feel free to mix and match a bit with your blouse or pants being floral. Accessories also work great for this look! No matter the year, florals are always in style when it comes to swimwear. Lady Lux offers so many great luxury swimwear options such as the Bed of Roses Bikini and More Than A Feeling Tunic posted above, to the Floral Fantasy Bandeau shown below it, to many more like the More Than A Feeling Bikini and Secret Escape Bikini. Sitting poolside in one of these cute prints you’re sure to stop traffic!


Second Trend: Stripes.

Forget seeing spots- we’re seeing stripes!!! Stripes are another trend that pops up on most spring runways from year to year. While black and white stripes are great- here at Lady Lux we’re big fans of the candy colored stripes, such as the pink and brown stripes at Dior. Break out of your bubble with the turquoise and gold stripes of the Sunkissed Bandeau by Lady Lux. Or, get nautical with the navy and white stripes of the Ready or Naut bikini. Like florals, stripes are always timeless and cute. If you’re feeling extra bold- try mixing stripes and florals together!


Third Trend: Leather Detailing.

Who said leather was just for warm coats and cold weather? Whoever it was obviously didn’t get a look at the trends for spring 2013- because leather is EVERYWHERE! From dresses, to cute peplum tops, to bikinis, leather is easy to incorporate into your spring look! We love Jessica Biel’s white ensemble with her pop of pink in her shoes. White leather? Instantly a fresh, spring look! If head-to-toe leather isn’t your cup of tea, try using leather accents on pieces in your look such as the Call Me Maybe bikini or the Crazy For You bikini. It’s an easy way to incorporate this spring trend without having to fully commit!


So now you have it- some easy ways to not only incorporate spring’s hottest trends into your wardrobe, but also into your beach attire! So, grab some designer swimwear by Lady Lux and stay trendy!