Black Friday Sale! Get Deals on Celebrity Swimwear

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Some of our trendiest bikinis, lounge pants, monokinis, and tunics are on sale at an incredible price. These Black Friday deals are something you can’t miss out on.

Today is Black Friday, finally, and we hope all of you are super stoked on our Black Friday sales. Some of our trendiest bikinis, lounge pants, monokinis, and tunics are on sale at an incredible price. These Black Friday deals are something you can’t miss out on. You’ll get quality luxury swimwear and save a hunk of cash– it’s the best of both worlds. Today we’re featuring some of our favorite stars in our hottest discounted styles just for you.

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Kim Kardashian in the Rock The Boat Chevron Bikini style

Kim Kardashian has been all of the rage for quite some time and we’ve loved seeing her in the media lately. This fashionista always looks super sexy and has marvelous outfit choices every day. Pictured above, we see Kim in a chevron print bikini and a tight pink dress. Both of these looks are hot. Our Rock The Boat Bikini is super similar to Kim’s style as it combines both the pink and chevron elements. This bikini is discounted at $99.00, which means you save about $50.00. That just means more money to spend on accessories.

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Jennifer Lawrence in the Gold Digger Black Monokini style

Jennifer Lawrence just looks stunning, doesn’t she? This awesome chick did amazing in her new movie  Mockingjay: Part 1. She is someone who pulls off the bold, black look so well. Pictured above we see her in classy, black dresses. If you want this look, you should check out our Gold Digger Black Monokini. It offers coverage while still maintaining the sexiness of the style. The deep V neckline is to die for and makes every woman’s bust area look great. This black monokini’s original price was $160.50 and today it’s marked down for only $99.00. What a deal!

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Kylie Jenner in the American Girl Floral Bikini style

If anyone can’t wait for spring to come, it’s Kyle Jenner. She’s always working the floral print patterns and looks good doing it. The American Girl Floral Bikini would definitely be her choice, if she were to come into the store. This bikini is also marked down to $99.00, saving you $30.00. If you can’t stop thinking about spring break, grab this one now during the winter, so you can save some cash. It will still be in tip top condition by the time pool season starts again.

☼ Stand Out in your Unique and Bold Bikinis ☼

LadyLux Designer Swimwear

We’re about to introduce you to our most unique two piece swimsuits from the 2015 collection that you are bound to fall in love with.

Are you the type of person that is different, unique and a trend setter? Do you walk along the busy streets turning heads because you’re always wearing outfits à la mode? I mean—even your loungewear is tasteful. You’re the type of person who loves hiking along the coast in search for a new body of water to jump into. You know we’re talking about you because you’re reading this as you’re shaking your head “yes.” Well, continue on because we’re about to introduce you to our most unique two piece swimsuits from the 2015 collection that you are bound to fall in love with.

LadyLux Designer Swimwear

The sexy Lux Be A Lady Bikini

Firstly, if you haven’t seen the Lux Be A Lady Bikini, now’s the time to check it out. This piece is so unique because it has a perfect combination of seductive red roses and fierce cheetah print. You won’t find any other beachwear out there that’s like it! It’s one of our favorite swimsuits because it’s courageous and fearless, just like the exotic Cheetah itself. It makes you want to put your brave self forward and venture into the unknown.

LadyLux Designer Swimwear

The beautiful Free Spirit Bikini

If you’re into flying your own plane while being completely liberated, the Free Spirit Bikini is just for you. This stellar swimsuit offers a one-of-a-kind pattern that accomplishes an original chevron pattern look. Incorporating pastels and brown bohemian braided straps, this suit will make you want to sail into the sunrise or sunset of the sea. It’s the bikini for peaceful ladies that like to relax to the max and take on life one sip at a time while enjoying the view.

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

The unique Sweet Talker Bikini Bandeau

Last but certainly not least, the Sweet Talker Bikini Bandeau will make you feel like you’re wearing art. With this style you’ll be able to express yourself without having to say one word out loud. This piece is for all you dolls who dare to be different by wearing this cohesive, contrasted swimsuit. It’s loud and daring… and that’s exactly what you want.

This Year’s Must Have Monokinis are Perfect for Any Silhouette!

Have you checked out Lady Lux’s Monokini collection? Monokinis are super trendy and must haves for your fall wardrobe! Celebs such as Kourtney Kardashian, Taylor Swift, and Jennifer Lopez look fabulous in these one-piece swimwear! The best part of monokini luxury swimwear is that it compliments any and all silhouettes. Lady Lux’s Monokinis are so unique because of the beautiful and detailed embellishments. You will not find designer swimwear like this anywhere else! Be the first to get the newest and hottest monokinis this year!

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

This Year’s Must Have Monokinis are Perfect for Any Silhouette!

Do you have a baby bump and aren’t sure what type of swimsuit to wear? Monokinis are perfect for women showing off their bump because they provide just enough coverage to feel secure and sexy in their swimwear. Kourtney Kardashion remains super stylish throughout her pregnancies. She is not afraid to show off her bump and her curvaceous figure. Lady Lux’s Tribal Temptation Monokini is such a fun pattern that will keep you upbeat and confident at the beach this year! Make sure you update your wardrobe to stay fashionable throughout your pregnancy!

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Kourtney Kardashian in Tribal Temptation Monokini

We love Taylor Swift in this blue one-piece on the red carpet. It is definitely a new and ordinary look for Taylor but we can’t get enough. Sometimes you need to switch up your wardrobe and try something different! Are you always wearing bikinis? Your designer swimwear collection is not complete without a Lady Lux Monokini! You can still show off your stomach and those long legs like Taylor in this swimsuit. All eyes will be on you with our Free Spirit Monokini. The low cut front and simple embellishment makes you effortlessly stand out in the sun!

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Taylor Swift in Free Spirit Monokini

Jennifer Lopez, a woman with a much more curvaceous figure, would look amazing in Lady Lux’s  Man Eater Monokini. JLO has the stylish goal to stand out in this funky and edgy white snakeskin outfit. She could really rock her sexy body in a monokini! Keeping it fresh with her younger boyfriend and her fashions, JLO always shows up in the hottest trends. She won’t be missing out on the Man Eater Monokini and neither should you!

Lady Lux Designer Swimwear

Jennifer Lopez in Man Eater Monokini

Be a Bohemian Bikini Babe this November!!!

LadyLux Bikinis

There are still tons of jacuzzis to bask in and hot beaches to tan on. We’ve got trendy attire for all of you bohemian babes, so grab it while it lasts!

Happy November 3rd ladies! We hope that you had a fantastic Halloween and are super stoked about the Thanksgiving holiday coming up at the end of the month. Until then, what’s better than making sure you have stylish bikinis ready to go in your swimwear wardrobe for last minute plans? There are still tons of jacuzzis to bask in and hot beaches to tan on. We’ve got trendy attire for all of you bohemian babes, so grab it while it lasts!

LadyLux Bikinis

Magdalena, Brazilian Vogue Model, in the Free Spirit Bikini Style

Our Free Spirit Bikini is one of our most popular this season. It incorporates chevron and light colors for a chic look. Magdalena Frackowiak from Vogue Brazil rocks the chevron bohemian bikini style like no other and she looks so beautiful and bronze with her Brazilian tan! We’d recommend pairing your new bikini with a headband, a chunky necklace, and an anklet. This is such a sexy look for any free spirit.

LadyLux Bikinis

Paris Hilton at Coachella in the Sweet Talker Bandeau Bikini Style

The Sweet Talker Bandeau Bikini style was seen on Paris Hilton at Coachella. Pairing a loud, colorful piece with a block color looks trendy and what better place to wear that style than at Coachella? Paris Hilton looks absolutely lovely and we wish we could have seen her in person that day. The best part about the Sweet Talker Bandeau Bikini is that it has a jeweled removable stone necklace that wraps around your neck, so you don’t have to worry about buying a necklace. It’s cute and convenient!

LadyLux Bikinis

Gigi Hadid in the Tribal Temptation Bikini Style

If you’re going to have a mellow day, you have to check out the Tribal Temptation Bikini. Gigi Hadid, 19-year-old American fashion model, wears this simple white bohemian styled bikini and it looks astonishing. She really knows what’s fashionable and no wonder she’s been all over the media and in fashion shows. The Tribal Temptation Bikini is perfect if you are going for her look but want to stand out just a little more. You can’t go wrong being a bohemian babe in a tribal print swimsuit!

Emmy Awards Red Carpet Style Watch: Get the Look

Red Carpet Designer Fashion

Emmy Awards Red Carpet Celebrity Fashion

This year’s Emmy Awards definitely brought out some of today’s most talented television actors and actresses as well as some of our other favorite celebs. The red carpet was full of great and not so great fashion moments this year, but there are a couple looks that everyone is buzzing about! Lady Lux has picked some favorites that are right on trend for this year and of course you can get the celeb looks with your luxury swimwear.

Rich Girl Designer Bikinis

Rich Girl Bikinis by Lady Lux

One of the most talked about celebs on the red carpet at Sunday’s Emmy Awards was Cat Deely and her stunning black gown. Honestly, we think Cat could wear just about anything and make it look good, but she picked the perfect gown for this red carpet. The cutouts are in an unexpected spot, which adds so much interest and sex appeal just like the sexy monokini. The new Gold Digger Monokini is just the right style to get Cat’s sexy cutout look with your designer swimwear. Another trend we love that made an appearance on the red carpet? Monochrome is such a classic and great trend that will always look good. The new Rich Girl Bikini comes in black and white so you can choose which way you want to get the monochrome look with your sexy swimwear.

Sweet Cheek and Hello Gorgeous Designer Bikinis

Sweet Cheeks Bikini and Hello Gorgeous Bikini by Lady Lux

Will we ever stop seeing florals on the red carpet? Most likely not, because this is one trend that can be worn in so many ways and is a celeb favorite. The floral look is especially popular among young Hollywood celebs and they are always finding amazing new ways to wear floral prints. Kerry Washington is well-known for being one of the best dressed celebs out there and we are always waiting to see what she will wear next on the red carpet and this year’s Emmy Awards were no different! Her gown was absolutely stunning in pale pinks and 3D flowers that really popped. The new 2014 Collection features many new floral prints that we love in some sexy two piece swimsuits. Shop Lady Lux for floral styles such as Sweet Cheeks Bandeau Bikini and Hello Gorgeous.