The Wild Side

Have you ever wondered what your spirit animal may be? Well here you go! Everyone has a wild side! So what’s yours? Is it an animal print bikini or a fun romper?

The horse symbolizes personal drive and passion as well as a need to be free! It represents our physical and emotional strength and our ability to harness the energy of our surroundings! The Born to Be Wild Romper is a perfect choice for you! This fun and flirty piece makes an instant outfit! Show your wild and free personality in this long bell sleeve light purple animal print romper!

The lion is mostly used to represent a fighter but what is overlooked is the courage and strength in overcoming difficulties. The lion represents personal power! Show your strength and courage in this fun string bikini and strut your stuff out on the plains of Africa!

The wolf is connected with instincts and high intelligence along with loyalty and communication. This leaves us with our Born to Be Wild Maxi Dress! This beautiful dress is perfect for everyday wear and can easily be dressed up or down with any accessory! Go out and enjoy a night on the town with friends and show your love and loyalty to them!

Take a walk on the wild side. There is no better time than now to get out of your comfort zone and explore! Whether the flirty romper, the sexy bikini, or the elegant maxi dress speaks to you Lady Lux always has something for you! So say yes to new adventures!


How to Spend Your V-Day!

The day of love is finally here and we have some awesome tips on how to make your day great whether you be spending it with bae or your friends! Today is all about red, white and you! Try showing your lover how much you love them in a white lace bikini. You can never go wrong with white swimwear! Red and pink are overrated, show him your angelic side and fly fly away!

Cupid’s first pick is our Chella Babe White Bikini; show your man what you’re made of in this flirty bikini. Maybe splurge on a hotel room and hit the hot tub! This sexy white piece is the way to a man’s heart. You will be feeling like your flirtiest self in this fun boho bikini!

However our Pillow Talk White Triangle Bikini is also a great choice! Maybe treat yourselves to dinner in bed, an indoor picnic and cook him dinner then hit the pool for a late night swim! We always have the perfect suit to express how you’re feeling so take your pick and have some fun! 

If this Valentine’s Day is spent chillinwith friends go out and have some girl time in our Emerald Triangle Bikini. This hot number will make you feel like the sexy fashionista you are! Maybe even head to Vegas and enjoy your day and love yourself! Buy yourself and friends some chocolate and wine and kick back and relax poolside!

Love one another but most importantly love yourself today!!!



Hairstyles Are The Perfect Accessories

Every outfit day or night needs accessories but did you ever think that a fun hairstyle could be considered an accessory? Especially if you’re in a hurry and need to throw on a simple dress or romper like our white lace romper, a fun hairstyle can complete your look. Now if you’re headed to the beach that’s a different story! It’s hard to accessories while being comfortable in the heat so why not try some fun ponytails or braids? Some messy up-dos would pair great with a navy bikini.

Our Feather Wash High Neck Bikini pairs perfectly with a braided ponytail. A ponytail is a great option while at the pool or beach to get the hair off of your neck and keep you cool. But if you’re like us we feel sexiest with our hair down but once we found these fun braided ideas we look sexy and keep cool at the same time.

While the Rich and Pretty Navy Bikini calls for a sexy braided up-do giving you a Princess Leia look. This is a less casual look and would be great for a trip to Vegas as you strut your stuff is this sexy rhinestone blue bikini.

For afternoon or evening outings try our Pillow Talk White Lace Romper with a braided half up half down hairstyle to add a little sparkle to this cute lace long sleeve white romper with bell sleeves. This romper could be used as a swimsuit cover-up or as a separate outfit!

Add some spunk to your bikini this month and sport a fun hairstyle!


Healthy Snack Options

The holiday season has come to an end and it’s time to get back in shape and start eating healthier with less cheat days. So we have some fun healthy ideas for you this February! We want you to feel your most confident and it starts with healthy eating! Your tie dye romper and tie dye strappy bikini are waiting for you! 

Heading to a party and don’t want to be tempted by burgers and fries? Try a homemade sweet potato wedge recipe! Sweet potatoes are loaded with vitamins and fiber when eaten with the skin on as well as potassium and iron. You will of course be the life of the party showing up with a delicious dish and a fun strappy bikini. The Good Vibrations Strappy Bikini says sexy and fun while showing off your beautiful curves.

Hummus dip is also a great option for a snack! Whether it is beet, carrot, cucumber or spicy black bean hummus! Chickpeas offer protein and fiber while lemons which are usually used in hummus contain great antioxidants. And of course this protein rich food will help you look great in your Good Vibrations Romper while showing off your toned legs in this long sleeve romper.

Last but not least try some homemade ice cream. You shouldn’t have to give up everything good to get that bikini body. Homemade ice cream is a great option because it has less fat, sugar and artificial preservatives. We saved the Double Trouble Black Bikini for last because this tasty treat will leave you feeling your most confident with the double straps this classic bikini will draw some sweet attention to you.

Enjoy these delicious options while feeling your best!


Spoil Yourself

It’s February! Which means it is the month of love so why not show your love with sexy new black bikinis or monokinis. I’m not even talking about your significant other, why not show yourself some love? This month is all about you so take care of yourself, spoil yourself and spread the love! Plan a mani/pedi or a group dinner and take care of you!

Our Bae Watch Strappy Monokini is the perfect feel good number! This one piece with a plunging neckline and side cut outs give you an edge! This piece is riskay with cutouts on the chest as well. This low back cheeky red hot suit will make you feel loved!

Our Sea Side Siren Black Bikini is a strappy hot number with cutouts and straps on the triangle top as well as the cheeky bottoms! This sporty looking suit will give you all the confidence you need this month!

The Double Trouble Black Bikini is more of a twist on the simple string bikini with double the ties. With a sliding triangle top with double gold rings and neck and back ties this black bikini is calling your name! The double trouble bottoms have low-rise moderate coverage with side ties, double gold rings and a partly shirred center back.

Send yourself and your bff some flowers and go have some fun! This is a month to celebrate everyone special in your life and show them how much they mean to you! And of course Lady Lux is here to make sure your spoiled!