Luxury Swimwear Care Guide

Lady Lux designer swimwear garments should be treated with the utmost respect and care. To maintain the longevity, beauty and quality of your luxury swimwear and lounge pieces, we recommend following the care instructions found on Lady Lux® garments.



For the majority of our swim and lounge pieces, we recommend hand washing with mild soap and lying flat to dry. Please do not use woolite.

Please avoid wringing garments, drying them in the sun light or using any type of bleaching products to clean your swim and lounge pieces. While ALL of the suits can be worn in pool or ocean water, they are not intended for strenuous physical water activity or long periods of time in heavily chlorinated water. Sun tan lotions, spas, and chlorinated pools may cause damage to your suit due to the harsh chemicals. Due to the nature of the dye, bright colors may fade or bleed.

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